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11 Tips For Consistent Powerful Creative Blogging Until Leo DiCaprio Notices You

Leonardo DiCaprio wins his first Oscar Award for Best Actor for the first in 12 years. Well, yeah, we won’t be talking about him all throughout the post. Yet, we have another take on his winning experience.

In his speech, there is only one part that is highly resonating.

That is, “Let us not take this planet for granted. I do not take tonight taken for granted.” To see how his winning was, click the play button in the video below.

Do you wonder how honorable it is to receive such award after hard work for so long time?

His experience in winning his first Oscar Awards after 12 years can be applicable in your blogging. Before digging to that, let me ask you this.

Do you take creative blogging for granted? Do you take your audience for granted?

Do you imagine one day someone acknowledges your work and will anonymously nominate you for something either a big or small award.

Being noticed by others is such an amazing experience for real. Receiving emails like this, “Hey, I nominated you for this ___________ Award! You have a fabulous blog! I love it!” is just a dream.

However, I don’t want you to just live in that dream. Do something to achieve that. That’s what this post is about. To help you build your empire right from the start by changing your blogging mindset.

 Yo, pal! This is updated version of one of our popular posts and the most pinned post in Bitchy Chicken: A Created Hub (blog). The updated post contained all-packed tips, strategies on how you can start changing your mindset with blogging. Making sure everything you put there does not take your audience or reader for granted. It also included how journaling can help you find your blog niche and your blogging field of expertise. There are tons of lessons tackled here. Read this post now.

Point #1: Waste Another 10,000 Hours While Not Taking Everything For Granted

Insane, right? But it’s true.

I’ve spent almost a year to discover the niche I love doing all the time. What’s really crazy is, I and my fiance have to spend hundreds of dollars to make a clear vision on what the hell we are doing online.

It took me a lot of time to figure out the need to put our blog and online shop up.

This is how my entire creative blogging life is. A lot of journaling, scribbling, planning to find my consistent powerful blogging. Learn how I do it through our free course. Read more to sign up. #blogging #creative #journaling #writing #planning

This is made true by Malcolm Gladwell, author of Outliers. He emphasizes people’s capacity to master their field. He said that people need 10,000 hours of practice.

In his study, he observes extremely successful people with this experience. Psychologists in Berlin, Germany conducted a study to violin students in the early 1990s.

Each of the subject was asked, “Over the course of your entire career, ever since you first picked up the violin, how many hours have you practiced?”

From their responses and their performance, those who have practiced more than 10,000 hours are better performers than the others with only 4,000 hours.

This is also true to building a blog and make a powerful message to say to the world.

If you study other influential bloggers like Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income who started in 2008. Jeff Goins from Goins, Writer, in 2008 as well.

I started blogging in 2011.

How about you? When did you start?

This is not the right question  Rather,

  • When did you start blogging seriously?
  • When did you start giving your heart on something you love doing?
  • And when did you start believing you can earn passive income from your blog and launch your online business?

The ability to earn outcomes from your blog matters. It’s not for how long you have wrote something in your blog but the practice of “not taking for granted” spirit.

When you practice this mindset with utmost consistency, this will be shown to your consistent powerful blogging.

In sometime, you’re able to spend money to pay for your next month’s bills, pending mortgages, and savings before your family faces bankruptcy.

The moment you think about quitting your mundane 9 to 5 job working, serving your heartless boss, saving your 40 hours of work per week helping other’s businesses to succeed.

Do my words resonate you?

I know how it feels like when you don’t have enough money to pay your debts, to enroll to a nice school, to travel to different countries you listed in your bucket list, to see your partner after years of LDR.

Point #1: Choosing Mediocrity For Blogging

You choose to stay mediocre.

That’s the main reason behind your status right now. Knowing how the online world noisy could be, you need to learn how to be strategic to be noticed.

Because you lack this, start developing your self-confidence and create a unique stand. You need to stand apart from the competition (FYI, 25 million potential competitors!)

I know you would say this to me. You don’t have time.

“Come on, Mecyll, I know what I want…

But, it’s just that I am working full-time, I have tons of work to do…

I am a mom, I have kids to take care…

I am still a student, I have a lot of projects,  assignments, research, exams to accomplish…

I am a full-time teacher, I still have a lot of lesson plans, reports to make. Ummm, in the next two weeks, we have school examinations, so I have to make exam papers…

I am a nobody, why the hell should I make everyone feel I am an expert!”

You can create a lot of excuses of your incapacity. Ironic as it sounds but heck yes! You want to succeed but you don’t want or at least an intention to invest time and effort to succeed.

It’s your choice to stay nobody. It’s your choice to be a mediocre. It’s your choice why you stay there.

To practice consistent powerful blogging, never forget these  11 Tips:

#1 Journal your goals.

Journaling is powerful. The healing it does is incomparable.

It can help you with finding your niche for your blog through examining your consistent ideas, thoughts, so on. You can see how you pattern them.

#2 Meditate.

It does not matter how you do. Most of the time, I do meditate through prayer journaling every morning in completely silent room.

All ideas are written down in my pages no matter how disorganized they are. It helped on consistent power in my blogging venture.

#3 Study yourself.

I bet you don’t do this. Take time to study yourself.

How you should do this? List down your strengths and weaknesses, wants, needs, priorities, goals, dreams for the next 10 years, so on. Do this by heart.

#4 Acknowledge your hobbies and interests.

This is where your niche will be based. You can’t just blog about somebody else’s hobbies.

You need to study yourself to acknowledge your hobbies and interest. Your consistent powerful blogging lies in here, pal! Don’t take these for granted.

Here are my personal strategies to create consistent powerful blogging as a creative blogger. Learn my 11 tips to become mighty craft blogger. #craft #creativity #blogging #powerblogging #liebster

#5 Research what niche you can commit to (and stick with it until the end).

Research inspiring blogs to expand your possibilities for your blog. This applies if you aren’t sure what you want to stand for. For a DIy and craft blogger like you, you can search in Pinterest, Instagram, Etsy, or Google.

#6 Get out and get sweat!

This is one thing creative bloggers are neglecting: the power of exercise. They don’t realize that creativity is affected if they have an unhealthy lifestyle.

What I do every day is a 30 minute dancing with my fave music. Twerking, you like? Go!

#7 Don’t just focus on getting high traffic.

SEO will be SEO. We all know it’s important. It’s a plus if you know about it. But don’t focus on this part.

Bill Gates says “Content is king.” Delve on that. Traffic will follow through promoting it on social media. Duh, what would you promote if you have a weak message!

#8 Be real.

What do you want to show off? What is the on-going issue you want to shout to the world?

#9 Always imagine your avatar.

John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire was the one who introduced to the idea of having an “avatar” in mind. To make it clear to you, imagine your friend or any of your loved one who has the same issue like you do.

What do you want to tell her? to teach her?

#10 Think outside the box.

You are a creative blogger. You know what this means. Be original.

#11 Don’t compare your work to other people’s blog.

Be unique. This is self-explanatory, pal!

Final Thoughts

To have a consistent powerful blogging experience, always have in mind you have the power to say an influential message to convey to your audience.

You have to believe that. You have been an expert in that message. You have experiences you before learning that skill.

Like Leonardo DiCaprio, sharpening your skills take more time. But instead of focusing on what you will earn at the end, take much attention on your process.

To whom are you sharing to? To whom do you want to make an impact?

Ask yourself right and valuable questions to craft your powerful and compelling message to make a great change and contribution to the world.

At the end of everything, you will receive an unexpected reward.

I understand why you can’t say that to yourself right now. You just blogged for some months. Others have been blogging for how long — 2 years, 3 years, or even 10 years?

You feel pity and doubtful spreading a message because you don’t consider yourself a somebody.


Think about it, pal. It might be too hard for now.


Liebster Award 2016 - Zen of Craft Blogging Result

P.S.: For Liebster Awards, here are my top 11 blogs who passed my criteria and deserved to be recognized.

  1. Deanna @ Badon Hill Blog
  2. Shannon @ Fine Art America
  3. Mei @ Creative Hive
  4. Lianne @ Lianne Williams
  5. Chloe @ Boxwood Avenue
  6. Carrie @ Carrie Actually
  7. Renee @ Roboroku
  8. McKella @ McKella Sawyer
  9. Jess @ Make And Do Crew
  10. Joanne @ Joanne Dewberry
  11. Allycia @ Hope Dream Journal

***A NOTE TO THE LIEBSTER AWARD NOMINEES: For the top 11 blogs, I have my 11 questions. Answer them honestly as possible in your post. I will be sending you an email informing this nomination.

Link us back with your post (since we nominated you) and inform us if you have published the post through an email, too. 😀

11 Questions For Liebster Award Nominees…

  1. What drives you to blog?
  2. Why did you choose this niche for your blog?
  3. Who inspired you to start blogging?
  4. When did you start blogging seriously?
  5. What were your personal struggles you experienced when you started blogging?
  6. Do you journal?
  7. Do you take time to meditate amid hectic blogging schedules?
  8. How do you see yourself in the next 10 years?
  9. What specific part of blogging that drives you crazy?
  10. Can you narrate your recent downs as an creative blogger and entrepreneur?
  11. What important message do you want the world to know about you?

Yoooo! I’m so eggggzzzoooitted with your responses, pals!

That’s all for now. Let’s get some rest, baby! Have a blessed Sunday!

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