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7 Advantages You Should Know When Using Pinterest In Business Account

This is part 3 of our “Pinterest for Business” blog post series. Before delving on using Pinterest in business account, here’s what you’ve missed! 


For the final part, what I’d like you to think in using Pinterest in business account is the benefit it brings to your success. This creative search engine in business account can bring much difference for your profile and your entire small business at the same time.

Why I keep on promoting Pinterest to you? Simply because it saves our site and our traffic.

In the past few weeks, I decided to work full-time as a freelance writer in a big news site. Because of the stressful lifestyle brought by an 8-hour work, I don’t have much time to perform as a content manager and social media strategist for our site.

I know it sucks. I know. *cries*

7 Advantages You Should Know When Using Pinterest In Business Account pin image


How Pinterest in business account helps me amid full-time work

From Monday to Friday, approximately 40 hours of work plus, high demands from our editors make it impossible for me to tweak something in the site. However, by keeping the system implemented in the site using Pinterest, I still manage to increase the traffic to 3,000+ in 30 days as a new blog.

For me, this data is surprising. When we started Bitchy Chicken, we usually have 4,000+ in the first two months, that’s around 2,000+ per month. In this month, Pinterest helped in boosting the traffic to 3,000+ for this month alone.

I wonder why. I just keep the system implemented. What system?

This is where Pinterest for business comes in.

It’s different from using Pinterest for personal use than for business. There are a lot more benefits when using this search engine that you can imagine. You can utilize and take advantage for you as a business owner and for your small business. Once implemented, you won’t regret your decision. Swear!

Here’s the proof. Below is a real-time screenshot of our Google Analytics report in the last 30 days. Take note, at this time, I barely touch the site and update posts because of the nature of my new job. I don’t have much time to tweak something there and to write content three times a week like the others do. 

As far as my vacant time allows, I can only write once a week and do something in Pinterest during weekends. During weekdays, I really don’t have the gift of time for the site.

Blog traffic screenshot June 2 2016

What are the advantages of having Pinterest in business account?

  1. You can take advantage of Pinterest analytics. They will be be the one to give you updates on your profile impressions, your audience’s interests, and your site’s activities. Through the data they give you, you will have an idea what kinds of pins work best and not.
  2. You can attract pinners. For your information, most of the clients, customers especially women are lurking around Pinterest to searching something to buy. It doesn’t matter what kind of products you sell, they will buy. If not, they’re bloggers. You inspire them and follow you afterwards. The more followers you have, the higher the reputation you have as well.
  3. You have higher chances of passive income. It doesn’t mean after you converted your Pinterest account to business you’ll have clients. You still need to attract them from your pins and your services. At least, your pins lead them to your site and your content then to your services. This is the other small business owners like the online shop owners like us are implementing.
  4. You are able to earn respect from other pinners. When you have a business account in Pinterest, you are likely respected and seen as credible compared to other users without a business account. It’s self-explanatory, I guess.
  5. You can rely on longer lifespan of your pins versus plain text Google index. Majority of the pinners especially bloggers can say, they rely most of the time in Pinterest because they don’t have to worry that much in SEO compared to Google. I understand that part because of my work. When you deal with SEO indexing based from Google results, it’s taking much technical knowledge for you and you are not sure if your blog post will be seen in competition with bigger sites. In Pinterest, you’re competing with a bit of SEO, but the big deal is in visual attraction. You can also assure your pins are seen in the next months alive compared to Google.
  6. You are able to show your brand and your personality. If you rely on other social media platforms, you can’t show off your business on how you want it to appear and you can’t show your personality in them unless you use YouTube as your backup.
  7. You can drive more traffic. This is the reason why I wrote the “Pinterest for Business” blog post series. I want to help you with your blog traffic struggle like we do. We don’t deny we have troubles with blogging frequency and traffic. But, just like you, we rely on a platform where we can cling on in times of need. Pinterest in business account can surely bring you traffic once you enable it and you activated rich pins from your site. That’s all.


Final Thoughts

You observe this post written as concise as possible because I know for a busy person like you, you don’t have much time to read everything. I listed seven important points you need to remember why you need to convert your Pinterest account to business.

Pinterest account in business will be your constant companion for your success based from your growing site traffic, growing audience, and your amplified small business.

The effect might not be observable in the first few days. Usually, outcomes will be noticeable after a week or two depending on the strategies or systems you implemented.

Hope this post helped you a lot. This is the end of “Pinterest for Business” 3-part blog post series. For your reference, you can read part 1 and part 2 here.

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If you find this post helpful, feel free to share this to your family and friends through clicking the social media icons on the sidebar. Sharing the love through this epic post will surely be appreciated. Thanks, pal. God bless you!  🙂 


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