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Bitchy Chicken started as a joke. Insane, right? But, hell, yeah, it is.

It was a concept where both of us were joking around on how we should meet the first time after years of long distance relationship. The idea was to wear a chicken mascot with a bitchy costume while waiting for him to arrive in the airport.

The reason was we both disliked the status quo when we meet. At least, when I  welcome him, it will be a completely unique experience. Unlike the others — bringing a huge card with a usual statement “Welcome, Mr. Blah Blah” — are doing.

We both wanted to be unique and creative. Well, we both are. We didn’t expect this crazy idea will turn out to be our business.

As a blog and a shop, we are dedicated to create high quality handmade products both non-digital (wood items, journals, etc.) and digital (wall art stickers, etc.) using varied materials we think will be best for your use.

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What kinds of products do we make or possibly make in the future?

We are open to different kinds of handmade products, depending when our crazy heads start working.

For now, we’re limiting it to handmade journals, fauxdoris, notebooks, stickers, and wood-related items like keychains, pens, etc. We will post these items in our social media links as soon as we finish them.


Where does our shop located? 

Since we’re in a long distance relationship in the moment, we manufacture products in different countries — Germany and Philippines (11, 496 km apart to be exact).

Yet, the main shop address is in Waldshut-Tiengen, Germany. Temporarily, the items are manufactured in separate locations. The stickers and wood-items are made in Germany, on the other hand, the handmade journals, notebooks, and fauxdoris are made in the Philippines.


Where do we manufacture our products?

To make this clear, let me present the products we make with the locations where the manufacturing occurs. Please take note of the following to avoid confusion and for your reference.


  • handmade notebooks/fauxdoris/journals


  • wall art stickers, car stickers, handmade pens, keychains, T-shirt printing


How can we ship products  in different locations?

As we pointed out earlier, since we’re running our handmade business in separate locations, the shipping lies where the manufacturing of that certain product you ordered took place.

Let’s say, you ordered handmade journal. Since it’s made in the Philippines, the shipping will originate in the Philippines. Likewise if you ordered wood items, stickers.


When will we run our handmade business together in one location? 

As soon as we get married and we live together in Germany, we can produce products together in one location. Obviously, when that time comes, all the shipping originates in our German address.


How can you reach us?

You can simply reach us through using the contact form in our site or simply email your concerns at contact@bitchychicken.com and we’ll keep in touch.

Further, you can also stay updated with our whereabouts in our social media accounts via Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.



Bitchy Chicken is also open to possible future collaborations with creative entrepreneurs like you.

If you have further inquiries about our services, guest blogging, and other kinds of opportunities , kindly leave us a message through filling in the form below. For the messages, allow us at least 24 hours to respond to your concerns.

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Photo source: Alex Jones/Unsplash