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10 Hideous Blogging Mistakes Your Audience Hate And Leave Your Site

Sometimes, I’m wondering how could I hook my audience to read my whole blog post.

That’s what you also crave for, right? Having your reader hooked with your 3,000-word blog post is a great, great, great achievement.

But, you keep asking yourself, why you can’t? Is there something wrong with your blog why they keep leaving? Why your audience hate and leave you site? Are you aware of your hideous blogging mistakes, too?

You already spent so much time for your blog post thinking you can entice them to read it. You created the nicest and the most clickable Pinterest pin you can design. But still, low blog traffic and higher bounce rate.

You hired a VA to help you out with your social media and subscribed to any scheduling platforms for free trials to help you out with maintaining high social media presence to your followers and prospect clients or customers.

However, no matter how you strive at your hardest, why your audience hate and leave your site?

You keep on asking these questions over and over again, yet, no conclusion. You don’t have any idea why this happens to you and to your blog.

“Ugh, Mecyll, I’m so tired sitting here at my desk whole day, facing my laptop, working for hours but no assurance if someone reads my blog posts or none.”

Same sentiments here. I was there when I heard cricket sounds whenever I think about these problems. I kept on searching on the web what could I possibly do to boost my blog, not just for blog traffic but the quality it serves for my audience. It’s like giving them an “a-ha” feeling whenever they visit my blog and read blog posts.

Before we go through the post, I have prepared something HUGE for you, so better stay with me.

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What are your blogging mistakes your audience hate and leave your site?

While scanning and reading hundreds of thousands of blog posts  in the last 12 months blogging, I observed consistent traits why readers get hook with a blog and read your blog posts and even leave comments in your blog, too!

When I did, I observed when we started Bitchy Chicken last February, from 1 to 2 comments, it went high as 27 comments right now. Though it’s a small number, but a big small win for us. From there, our email list grew quadrupled from the first month, so on. Name small big successes.

To boost your blogging experience, give these 10 blogging mistakes a look. Maybe you can re-evaluate your previous published blog posts and refurbish them to your audience. You won’t know these crap posts can transform to big alas for your site.

10. Bad images.

This is one of the most neglected hideous blogging mistakes you can commit as blogger. You have had always chosen a wrong image to depict the whole message of your blog post or they never were attractive in the eyes of your audience.

Maybe, there weren’t that strong enough to be mesmerized with. These are seen in your Pinterest images and content images (especially the featured image if theme allows it).

9. “Robot Syndrome.”

You’re a robot, and you won’t reply to your audience. I observe some bloggers out there (well, hundreds of them actually) don’t find time to reply to their comments. I felt like “I wonder if these people who asked or left questions felt the same way I do when I left a comment in those sites, too.”

I felt dismayed or disappointed myself. That’s why, no matter how busy I am with loads of tasks to do in a day, I look for time to reply comments with heart such as pieces of advice for them on what to do, so on.

8. Lack of search optimization (or at least making it more stuffed).

SEO is dead, according to some. Yet, they don’t know the term just changed, not the functionality. You didn’t bother about how your readers could interpret how you are when they see your blog isn’t that well optimized in terms of searchability. I don’t know if that word exists, but well, it’s like that.  😈

In contrary, if you did care, at least you stuffed the keywords in the blog and make them sound more annoying than ever. I know how they are structured if they’re likely to be penalized by Google.

Whenever I land to a blog, I search for the keywords present in the blog and observe how they use them.

Err — wait, why am I talking about search optimization? How does it relate to my readers’ bounce rate? They bounce not because you didn’t use keywords since the newbies don’t even know they exist in your blog. What I’m referring is actually the direction of your post. If your headline says so and so, your content, subheading should have the same route.

If you want to go to Manila, you should arrive in NAIA! If you want to go to Frankfurt, then you should arrive in Frankfurt. No matter where you are from and what cutting trips you have to arrive to the destination. Same with your blog posts.

7. Overcrowded site.

Other most noticeable and hideous blogging mistakes a blogger can do are having loads of Google ads and thinking it can really monetize your site. You know what, this is what your audience think about your site.

Site full of spam, Google ads, whatsoever fancy ads you have the lags your site can be the greatest and the most effective way to shoo your audience away.


It’s simple. They don’t like to wait for your site to load (after 3 to 5 seconds or so) and so it happens your blog contains lots of spam ads. Period.

6. Content optimization is missing.

Content optimization is very crucial in the game play for small creative business owners who blog. If you’re a newbie blogger, for sure, you want to monetize your blog and create services for your customers, which makes you count as a business owner, too. Yeah, that’s right!

The mistake of missing out the content optimization is the big slap on your face since as an expert, you need to get their email addresses and send them updates of your services, blog posts, or whatever you have for them. Email list is money. Many bloggers can say that.

5. Less compelling posts.

You blog about something you love. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s okay. I can support you with that. But never produce bullcrap posts!

Never ever like forever serve your audience with something you don’t even believe or confident sharing. If you serve them something to read that you don’t even like to read the post yourself, or confidently submit as a guest post to big sites like HuffPost, then don’t publish them! Simple.

4. Producing crap content.

Same point with the last one but deeper. When you produce crap, you drive your audience away and you drive the chances to earn your “real” fans, clients, customers, readers away.

To produce top, high ranking posts, you need to produce killer, badass, content for them. It’s giving away something for your audience that can shock them and make them say “Why is she giving away so much valuable content for fee when in fact she can sell it for $$$$?!”

That should be all-time goal.

3. Befriended Pinterest.

If you want to hook your audience up to your new blog posts, you must have nice attractive pin. Why? Having Pinterest pin in a blog post can drive more site traffic especially if you strategically use it for business.

Having one pin in your blog post can increase your chances to attract more clients and sales from your audience than those who don’t. Imagine 70 billion page views from Pinterest, you want?

2. Less exposure.

Setting aside social media, commenting on other bloggers’ killer blogs can also drive traffic. It might take some time to search for blogs related to your niche and identify their authority, yet, if you are determined to increase the exposure of your blog do this once in a while.

That is, if there are discussions you know you can answer depending on the brand of your business. Don’t comment and comment. Think about what kind of blog are commenting whether it relates to your blog or not.

Disqus has been our favorite commenting system so far because it’s really efficient to use (in moderating comments) and encourages real comments than the spams.

1. Lack of social media marketing.

With commenting system aside, social media marketing has played a crucial role in presenting yourself as authority in this niche. Once you’re consistent with your online presence to your audience, they will know you and get to know more about you once you’ve earned their trust by tweeting, Facebook commenting or posting, so on every single day.

It doesn’t have to sound spammy. Never be one. But be consistent. Let’s say, Pinterest can allow you 3-5 pins every day, Instragram same number, Facebook around 3-5 times a day, Twitter more than 5 times can do since it’s in fast pace, LinkedIn once a day, so on.

Final Thoughts

Among the 10 hideous blogging mistakes you can do which is really effective to shoo away your readers from returning to your side is creating crappy posts.

I’ve read some blog from powerful bloggers. You know, they have powerful backgrounds, but they didn’t apply that authority in their writing. I don’t know if that’s about confidence writing about certain topics or they don’t have experience writing nice killer, badass blog posts.

But they do have lean meat!

I mean they have something to say but the way they have structured their blog didn’t show it properly. That’s why it’s not searchable or clickable in the eyes of the audience. Convinced customers won’t have second thoughts buying your services or anything you endorse if you have consistently showed them that authority to them.

So, you should be. Do you want to?

If you’re really want to help yourself boost your blogging, click here. I have prepared something for you.

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3 thoughts on “10 Hideous Blogging Mistakes Your Audience Hate And Leave Your Site

  1. This is a great, cut-the-crap, kind of post. Thank you for sharing! As a new (very new) blogger, I appreciate your advice. I think I struggle most because I read posts like this, and understand in the abstract, but wish someone would just say, “Harvey, when you did this specific thing, you probably lost readers.” But, I will keep coming back to this article to kind of keep me in check. Thanks again!

    1. Hey, Harvey! I checked your site and I love its simplicity especially your about page. It really resonates me! 😘 Anyway, what I found out is though your blog is personal, it should at least contain the audience’s concerns. Make them feel like “Hey, Harvey is speaking to me right now? How does she know my troubles? so on” Another is make your posts a bit longer like 300 words. You can make list posts about adulthood, etc. Tons of things can be done for your blog. You can add Pinterest since this is a good market for your blog. You can read these posts for your reference

      Hope these pieces of advice will help you boost your blogging experience. By the way, we have an upcoming epic 9-module blog traffic course. Are you interested? 😀

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