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If you don’t want to boost blog traffic 1,000%, neglect this post!

Tweaking something on your blog wondering what works to boost blog traffic? Frustrating, isn’t it?

You have taken a lot of trials from different social media schedulers yet you still don’t find the value of anything you do. You’re posting social content like at least 10 hours a week amid super hectic schedule. But nothing happens.

You are reading tons of SEO tips online and try to study their tricks, tips, and strategies and see if the results will be the same for your blog. Unfortunately, not.

You keep thinking what did you do wrong why you aren’t improving, why you’re still feel low, amid strenuous work you do every single day in your blog but everything seems not working. At all.

You want to explode, to shout at the edge of the highest mountain in the world and say everything out loud, “Why the hell is this happening to me? I worked so hard but why everything’s not working!”

For beginner bloggers out there, the title sounded intimidating, but, heck, yeah! This is an epic post containing everything you need to to know when boosting your blog traffic to a thousand times! Learn how how to increase your blog traffic through content optimization, social media strategies, and the endless power of guest blogging. Tips, strategies, plus free course are all in this post. Technical SEO basics, tips and strategies are also packed in this post. Read this killer post or re-pin for later.

Is this you?

“Ugh, Mecyll, yeah, that’s how I really feel right now.” Your head says so. I hear it perfectly.

You click this post with an idea in mind of value to get from me, right? You desire to learn more and more like a course value yet you don’t have budget right now.

You’re broke. You’re on the verge of bankruptcy or extreme financial strain. Spending a dime for a course wouldn’t sound great in the moment.

You want to learn from this post for FREE.

That’s what you want, right?

Pal, I totally understand how you feel. You work so hard to make everything to work as you expected them to be. You have tried a lot of FREE trials from varied social media schedulers, so on. I’m there. So, I know how it really feels like.

That’s the goal of this post. To give you the basics on what you can actually do as a beginner with your site to amplify everything and boost your site traffic performance.

Before that, you can enroll to our FREE intensive blog traffic course which was recently launched — like yesterday — to aid you with implementing white SEO without learning too much technicalities.

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Boost Blog Traffic Key Weapon: “Rule of Threes”

Three, three, three. It’s valuable in the world of blogosphere. When we say the “rule of threes,” this means every step in your blog should be three. Let’s say, three opt-ins in one blog post, three fundamentals for white hat SEO you should never, never neglect, so on.

Tons of pieces of advice can be applied with this rule. For boosting your blog traffic, we only have three basics you need to know. Warning: This may sound basic, but it is intensive. Prepare your heads to learn a lot of stuff! 

1. Optimize your content

Search Metrics defines content optimization as “to create relevant, engaging content that will help you increase SEO rankings, drive more online traffic and boost conversions.”

Nowadays, many people even my co-bloggers believe that SEO is already dead and will no longer be the crucial aspect of boosting traffic. Yet, I tell you. SEO is still alive and teaching basics about it is still relevant up to this date.

So, what are the basics of SEO the traditional way? 

  1. Keyword implementation to
    • Headlines
    • Alt text for images
    • Content
    • Subheadings (H1, H2, etc.)
    • Tags
  2. Long-tail Keyword search
    • Google Keyword Planner
    • Forums
    • Google search results
    • Competitor’s landing pages
  3. Links (both inbound and outbound)
    • White SEO
    • Avoidance of black SEO (never do this in your site!)

In layman’s term, content optimization means to upgrade your content to drive more conversions from your readers. It doesn’t matter if you want them to

  • Register to your upcoming webinar, course
  • Download your free worksheet
  • Simple newsletter to update them with your latest products from your online shop
  • Etc.

If you’re able to optimize you blog posts through combining the traditional terms of SEO and the modern ways other marketers are doing, surely you can boost your site’s traffic. A bit warning here: Never expect an overnight success.

In your level, let’s dissect the steps you’re doing to do to implement this step to boost blog traffic. Let’s start with searching keywords for your next blog post.

Step 1: How can you find your keyword for your blog post? 

To find your keyword for your content, you have the following options:

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Quora
  • Buzzsumo
  • Google search
  • Google Analytics

Check which words your prospect audience, user, client, or customer is using. If you have identified the keyword, you can use the keyword (make sure it’s long tail with 2 to 4 words) to ensure higher ranking or at least detectable by Google’s index.


Watch this video below to know how you can search for keyword for your next blog post using Google Keyword Planner, Quora, Buzzsumo, and Google search!


Step 2: Leverage your CTAs to drive conversions 

This is where relevant content comes in. If you have a killer content, your call to action or your CTA will be more compelling to your readers compared when you write simply crappy post.

To create a killer content for your audience, you need to consider the following:

  • Audience’s concerns, issues, problems, matters, likes, dislikes, etc.
  • Proper blend with your proofs, personal experiences with your audience’s condition
  • Powerful intro and end
  • Effective use of emotions, touching their hearts, and other related terms
  • CTAs (optin buttons scattered three times – beginning, middle, and end part of the post)


How can you do this effectively in your posts? 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a handmade craftsman, travel blogger, or a business blogger as long as you know how to place yourself in the shoes of your audience.

If you don’t like the way the post goes right when you drafted it, do you want to publish it? If you can’t even say “Yes, I’m even confident submitting this post to Huffington Post or Forbes!” then don’t publish it.

Simple. I am teaching this in our FREE course. You might as well check that out.

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Step 3: Linking inbound and outbound sources. 

When we say inbound sources, these are your previous blog posts or content you created before. The links will be attached to phrases or words of your new content to drive traffic to them though they have been published since ages.

On the other hand, when we say outbound sources, these are sources outside your site. These may include influencer’s sites or big site or any relevant sites where you got your content.

Linking sources to your site will be a big help to boost your traffic and increase your rank as an expert in the eyes of your audience.


Imagine in our previous post, we discussed on why Google loves you more if you have more non-spam links or non-black hat SEO links in your site than those which don’t have or less. This is way too technical, let’s break this information into pieces so you would understand. 

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Spam links are links that are not related to your content. You place the link for the sake of linking but not really related to the content you linked to.

Let’s say your linked text is “handmade scarf.” Then your site user clicks it but it leads them to “How to look 10 years younger.” This is a spam link.

With black hat SEO, this is of course opposite with white hat SEO. With white hat SEO, it’s what I’m teaching you here and with our FREE course. This includes keyword searching, social media sharing, etc.

However, if you are a black hat SEO fan, you use illegal online tactics to gain higher rankings. You may do keyword stuffing Google hates (and penalize!) or you can do other strategies (invisible text, so on) are not allowed in search engines.

Webopedia defines it as “the use of aggressive SEO strategies, techniques, and tactics that focus only on search engines and not a human audience, and usually do not obey search engine guidelines.”

As a whole, using more links will tell Google that you deem acknowledge the post’s content source and you don’t allow any form of plagiarism within your site premises.


2. Increase your social media activity. 

Many of the bloggers don’t spend much time on social media. In fact, the majority only invest around 6 hours per week based from the latest survey conducted by Michael Stelzner from Social Media Examiner. If you want exposure of your products, services, or anything you wanted to offer to your prospect clients, you need to be noticeable, of course!

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How can you increase your social media activity? 

There are tons of ways you can increase your social media engagements based from the platforms you want to focus. In Bitchy Chicken, we are focusing on Pinterest, YouTube, and Facebook since they are the top referrers of our site.

Knowing these traffic referral sources, we’ll know where should we increase our activity to drive traffic to our site. You can also do this as well.


Step no. 1: Study your Google Analytics

What you can do in your blog is to go back to your Google Analytics or if you have installed Google Analytics for WordPress plugin in your site, you can always check your top referrals in 30 days, 90 days, or even lesser than a month. See where your traffic comes from and start increasing your engagements in these areas.

Step no. 2:  Learn where your most traffic referrals come from.

If your traffic comes from Pinterest, and you’re wondering what you exactly did. I have here another series of video tutorials to see how you can use this search engine like a pro to ensure high traffic to your posts.

Step no. 3:  Search for social media groups you can join and share thoughts with.

If your traffic comes from Facebook and LinkedIn which are also one of the topmost social media partners for B2B peers, then you can also search for groups related to your niche. Check out the video tutorials below to learn how you can do the process.

Watch our video tutorial below to see how you can join groups in social media!

Facebook and LinkedIn



3. Guest blogging

It may sound an overrated advice but it’s still the most effective strategy to increase exposure to your prospect audience or clients.

In this month alone, it may seem crazy but I did 5 guest posts to different websites to promote our first FREE course “Amplify Blog Traffic” and of course, to increase our authority in our niche.

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Searching for guest blogging opportunities may be difficult for beginners like you and it would be overwhelming, too, especially if you don’t know how to weigh the pressure between creating killer content for your audience versus their audience.

If you’re curious what we wrote about, you can see the following links:

Benefits of guest blogging:

  • Increased exposure to your prospect clients, audience, customers, target market
  • Increased authority to your niche
  • Increased blog traffic when used effectively
  • Increased chances to get influencer notice you as a new blogger

When you’re guest blogging, you have to consider the following:

  • site readiness (killer content, freebie, or service)
  • yourself (confidence, risk-taker, adventurous personality)

You don’t guest blog just because other people says so. You have a lot of things to think about. They may say you can guest blog anytime you want. But, in reality, no.

[bctt tweet=”When is the best time to guest blog? #tips #guestblogging ” username=”@MecyllJamila”]

When do you consider today as a great time to guest post?

  • If you have created 3-5 killer content. Keep this in mind. When you guest post, their audience will read your post, will check the links, and will see your site. Take advantage on that. So, make sure you have provided valuable content before they arrive to your site.
  • If you have created a freebie in return for their audience. It doesn’t matter what freebie you have prepared. If you have a FREE 7-day course, 20-page workbook, etc., ready, you can do so. Always remember, you have to take advantage of their audience visiting your site. Grab their email addresses as soon as possible. Make yourself impressive!
  • If you have the confidence to do so. This is the most frustrating part yet the most important. If you keep your doubts or overthinking with you, you won’t achieve anything. Period!

To be honest, it took me longer time to realize this. I almost fell on the trap set by other bloggers who keep telling me I can do guest blog anytime.

But if you think about it, it’s not. You don’t want to go to war without weapons, right?

It’s the same with guest blogging. You don’t want to be embarrassed from their audience though the site owner has allowed you to post in their sites. Always leave a killer impression in their site!

You might as well take a look at the following resources to have a deeper understanding on guest blogging:

Final Thoughts

To boost your blog traffic as new blogger takes a lot of effort. It’s not an overnight process. In Bitchy Chicken, we make a lot of effort to make everything systematized.

You read other bloggers’ posts on how easy blogging can be. But it’s not. Everything’s work. Intensive, tiring work.

Amplifying blog traffic takes “Rule of Threes” to achieve the goal. This includes 1) optimizing your content, 2) increasing your social media activity, and 3) guest blogging.

Do these three points in mind with 120% commitment, risk-taking, adventure, patience, and above all, love. Learn to love your audience and give them the content you know will be valuable. In return, they will love you back. More!

To have an in-depth view of blog traffic, enroll to our FREE course by signing up below. We’ll be so glad to have you on board.

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