Here Is One Method You Neglect From Your Audience, Resulting With Low Blog Traffic

Do you find your Google Analytics dashboard frustrating? Do you only have at least 20 views per day with high bounce rate? You’re wondering what the statistics are telling you? Are you discouraged with low blog traffic?

You started blogging with a desire to expose your fullest potential, your skills, your writing talents, your creative products, your online shop, so on. You wanted to earn money through blogging as to the desire to earn more money through this method has been the hype these days.

But, how can you earn money if you only have an average of 20 views per day? Or let’s say 40 views per day? What’s worse is you have higher bounce rate than your page views. Plus, you don’t have comments, social shares, or at least likes from your social media posts.

You’ve been blogging for around two months now or more, but you still feel low and unauthorized to share something to the world as you don’t have an audience who’d listen to you. You feel like you’re writing for yourself and only your mom and your cousins are reading and subscribing your list.

What a shame!

But that problem is over with ONE CONDITION. Stick with me until the end of this post and I have something BIG to offer to you fohh FREE. All eyes and ears with me, okay? If yes, great.  :mrgreen:

Here is one method you always neglect from your audience, resulting with low blog traffic. In this post, I've shared how you can change one mediocre habit you're always doing when blogging for your audience. Now, you're wondering why you always have low blog traffic. You're always frustrated why you only have an average 20 blog views per day. Whenever you look at your Google Analytics dashboard, you always feel dismayed. You often ask yourself "What else should I do to increase this damn traffic!" I was like that before my fiance encouraged me to rebuild the blogging enthusiasm in me and established Bitchy Chicken. In a few months of blogging with consistent power, we were able to garner 3,847 page views with 12 subscribers to date. If we were able to do that as a new blog, how about you who's been blogging for more than three months? See this post and learn more how we hustle, and hustle and increased our blog traffic. Plus, comprehensive tips and free course included. #blogging #googleanalytics #seoforbloggers #tips #course #strategies

What’s wrong with your blog and with low blog traffic?

Short activity. Let’s put it this way, if you’re the visitor of your own blog, what do you think why you immediately exit from your site? By doing this, you need to be objective while listing your observations on your paper. You should jot them down before you forget them!

One ingredient you often neglect resulting to low blog traffic is your killer content. You often write crappy, mediocre content, just-for-the-sake blog posts, and all the short lousy articles about yourself and what YOU LIKE created a spirit of “Oh, well, this is just about her life, what the hell should I care?” from your audience.

Albeit blogging can be personal but make sure when you create content like this, you need to prioritize what you audience NEEDS to know and to LEARN from you. Let’s say, they said that line. Why should they care from your story? Is there a lean meat they could chew and apply in their own lives? If not, then delete that post. It’s not relevant to a highly purposeful blogging.  😈

What’s the relationship of increasing blog traffic to increasing quality of your posts?

This is a great question. Bryan Clarke from Copyblogger said, to rank well in Google, you need to emphasize your user’s concerns and help them by giving high quality content. Google loves you if you value this simple thought, “Ask yourself what creates value for your users.”

SEO is dead. If you don’t know SEO, it’s Search Engine Optimization. It’s like a signage for your craft shop to be noticeable and seen by your customers in the street. Without it, they won’t find you or they won’t know you and your creative business exists.

Read these posts to learn more about how Google SEO really works for your site:

It’s the same with Google. They need your “signage” to see you and index you well so your target audience can see you, too. They need to know what you’re providing to your users and what kind of value do you give to them in return. If you keep publishing crappy posts like you’re doing now, it’s no sense. At all.

Think it this way. If someone ordered your new Tees in your shop with his design, you accepted it. He trusted you. He paid the down payment for you. He expected you can give them the right service you promised to him. Then the due date came, he went to your shop and wanted to pick the ordered Tees. While checking, your customer found out you printed them wrongly.

reasons why you're frustrated blogging with low blog traffic
You’ll expect this face from your audience if you keep writing crappy posts. Yikes!

What would he feel? “Ugh, come on, Mecyll, I sent you the design I want and I expected you to print it for me for the Tees I needed by tomorrow’s event. But you created mistakes. I paid you well, I expected you to give me right service. I wanted to get them today to prevent today. But because of this, I will be delayed.”

Bla bla bla.  😯

If I give you a crappy post, do you think you can stay for more then 2 minutes reading this post? If I don’t value what you needed from me, do you think you can read a 2K word post? No. You bounce, you exit, you leave our site.

It’s the same thing when you write your posts. Value your audience first. Listen to what they want from you and learn from them from your headline. Teach them what you know and they’ll listen and value you as an authority. With consistency, you’ll observe, your low blog traffic will increase and change dramatically.

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You want a badass proof?

My fiance and I started Bitchy Chicken last February 16, 2016. Within 2 months of blogging, we already reached 3,847 page views, 1,052 sessions, 45.15% bounce rate (still under 80% which is great) with 12 subscribers. We’re still a new blog but we managed to value our audience well that they trusted us with their emails and their time reading the whole posts.

This is our Google Analytics screenshot data which shows how we reached more than 1K views in 30 days. In fact, our goal at that time, was 2 to 3 months. Learn how we reach these numbers by reading this post. #blogtraffic #traffic #blogging

This was our actual screenshot from Google Analytics from February 27 to March 14 , 2016. You see we already have 1,401 views, 358 sessions, with only 50.84% bounce rate. That means, within 7 days, we managed to increase our blog traffic with an assurance of less bounce rate. Only a few of the visitors exit immediately after the landing page. They spent at least 8 minutes reading everything we wrote, so on.

The screenshot above is a proof if you value your audience that much, they will give you back what you want from them like their email list if you have, time to spend to read your posts, follow you in Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, so on. Name them.

Increase your blog traffic through transforming your site a powerful killer machine!

One factor why visitors love a blog they see (now) is the established authority once they landed on your site. How to do that?

1. Have a nice blog layout. 

You need to have a clean blog. Personally, I love site with few fancy designs and posts with at least 14px font size, Open Sans, Oxygen fonts or similar to these types, white background, simple logo on top with simple or user-friendly navigation, and optimized blog posts.

Another factor I love with a blog layout is the brightness. Although you have a white background but when your audience land to your site, the brightness of the site is too much which immediately trigger my migraine. If this is avoidable, please do. If not, make your font color black, not grayish or darker gray.

2. Minimalist (1 blog or none, clean sidebar images) 

There are blogs with annoying sidebars. Either they place lots of responsive Google ads, or autoplay YouTube videos, sponsored content, and a lot more. I admire those who follow a minimalist sidebar. We practice what we preach. We only have two images for our FREE stuff to our audience, Pinterest widget, Bloglovin widget, 1 Google ad, and search widget.

3. Create compelling blog posts about your niche or creative business.

If I find your posts crappy, I leave your site no questions asked. Simple as that. What’s the usual criteria for majority of the audience before they respect you as a blogger?

  • Killer headline.
  • Killer posts with at least 800 words and up! (with high quality content!)
  • Powerful introduction and conclusion (with a bang!) *grins*
  • Proper placing of links.
  • Related posts placed in between the related thought (not elsewhere you find it cool!)
  • It’s all about you! (majority of the bloggers are doing this all the time without balance with their audience’s needs and I hate it!)
  • Don’t value or listen to their audience.
  • Never comments in their blog.
  • Never follow passable paragraph structuring by Flesch Reading Test.
  • Continuous writing without breaks in between like images, infographic, or visual presentation of what they’re saying, examples.

Suggested posts to read:

Credits to
Credits to

4. Optimized site (social shares, call to action optins, lead magnet, etc.)

To increase the user-friendliness of your site, you need to install social share plugins and make your site navigation easy for your visitors old and new. This will allow them to click the social media button on the site or below the post and direct them to the social media platform and share, scan your posts with no complicated buttons or whatsoever.

Optimization also applies to the effectiveness of the call to actions (CTAs) in your blog posts. To assure effective lead magnet and increase in number in your email list, you need to have good optin forms. Please don’t use pop out to get email addresses. This will annoy your readers including me. Puhhhhleasse.  🙄

If you want to do this so badly, you adjust the time when it appears. Don’t leave it seen a second after they land to your site. Allow 30-45 seconds to 60 seconds before it appears. You can also use triggers to allow your readers to see them once they click the close button or tab.

You can make use of the following plugins which I recommend using:

  • Social sharing
    • SumoMe (WordPress plugin)
    • Shareaholic
    • Digg Digg (WordPress plugin)
  • Optin forms
    • Optin Monster (WordPress plugin)
    • Optin forms (WordPress plugin)
  • Create nice images for optin buttons
    • Canva (I’m using this now)
    • InDesign
    • Photoshop

5. Free stuff (another killer, epic one!)

When your visitors land to your site the first time, they need to see your FREE stuff which serves as your lead magnet. Make it awesome. The more they’re convinced you’re giving them really, really, really nice and worth-spending content, they will love you and won’t question if they need to pay you back because of the overwhelming and valuable content you gave them.

To give you a sample on how they do it, I have here the screenshots of the sites for your reference. See the areas I encircled.

Freebie CTA button - Femtrepreneur


Freebie CTA button - Melyssa Griffin


Freebie CTA button - Smart Passive Income

Final Thoughts

I asked one subscriber if how was the traffic building going on. She said, there are no changes with the traffic yet after 8 days she applied the strategies I told her. But she seemed to observe the changes of her blogging.

Subscriber conversation via Twitter with blog traffic

Subscriber conversation via Twitter

In general, pals, traffic building takes time and it takes an attitude of commitment and cleverness in using the strategies. It will be more stressful for you as a new creative blogger. Why? Because it needs work. A lot of work. As soon as you have seen the results, the hard work you did was worth it. I felt that when I’ve seen the results myself after weeks of hard work.

How about you? Are you ready to create an authority and influence? 

If yes, join us in our upcoming FREE course on blog traffic. The free course will include 9 modules with the step-by-step process on how we managed to create such results you seen in the stats albeit our new blogging existence. We will be sharing everything. Yes, EVERYTHING. We wanted to help you and we value that.

To join our FREE course, sign up and be one of the first people to learn comprehensive view on traffic building for your new site. The results will vary from blog to blog but the commitment and consistency should be the same.

We need the following people to join our free course:

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If you didn’t pass from the criteria, don’t join. If you are, click the button below and sign up! Be ready and we’ll invade your precious inbox.  :mrgreen:

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If you find this post inspiring, please feel free to share it with your family and friends who are currently struggling boosting their site traffic. Click the social media icons on the left sidebar. We gladly appreciate it. Swear!  😛  Godspeed, pals!

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