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Business Relationship Management on Social Media: Are you a reacher or a settler, and why does it even matter?

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So you want to develop your business relationship management skill for your blog and your business?

Having a good skill with business relationship is one of the greatest assets any blogger should have when deciding to transform the blog to a killer, powerful, machine. This is what Norah Martin from Bizzmark Blog will teach you in this post.

Norah, take the lead! Yoooo!

For new bloggers who wanted to take their blogs to the next level and want to turn it into business, you need to know first what kind of leverage you need to do first for your business. You can't just step the game up without a concrete plan in mind why. Learn how to create business relationship on influencers, co-bloggers, and co-small business owners to help you out in increasing exposure of your blog through promotions, etc. Plus, two upcoming HUGE freebies await you. Read this post or re-pin for later.

Business Relationship Management: Reacher vs. Settler

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According to popular How I Met Your Mother lore, every (romantic) relationship has both a reacher and a settler – the reacher being the person who reaches out of their league to win someone over, and the settler being the one who is fine with settling for someone below their own assumed worth.

This relationship model can also be applied to not only business relationships, but to relationships between bloggers and readers, sellers and buyers, and so forth.

If you have recognized in your business self the traits of either of these personalities, stay with us as we explore what distinguishes one from the other, and discuss how to make your transition into the kingdom of the reacher.

Reacher + Settler 101

Reachers are driven, motivated and ambitious individuals who strive for the best and take no prisoners. They will give their all to achieve their goals, and work as hard as it takes to chase their dreams.

They won’t necessarily see themselves as a reacher at all – only as someone who is ambitious enough to make a name for themselves, and earn what they want.

On the other hand, settlers are fine with going with the flow, and letting the situation carry them along. As long as it is not too bad, they’ll find a smooth harbour for themselves, and rarely venture out to see what’s new in the world.

They can certainly be led by a reacher, but they don’t resent their role – they are the mellow ones who prefer the no-hassle approach. This does in no way mean that settlers are weak or that they don’t know their own mind. Unlike the reacher, they are simply not in it for the fight, but prefer the enjoyment of the ride.

Knowing a reacher from a settler

The social feed of a reacher is always buzzing – tweets zoom in and out, followers multiply in the blink of an eye, while the settler is happy to retweet here and there, but is not in the business of chasing followers.

Bloggers who reach most often cover trending topics, and try to stay on the very forefront of every trend imaginable. The hashtag is their friend, and their Instagram popularity is ever expanding. They don’t shy away from reaching out to others, and take the business of marketing very seriously.

On the other hand, settlers will give their all to writing the best post they possibly can – but will do next to nothing to market either the post or themselves.

They believe that quality content speaks for itself, and see no reason to spend hours tweaking their tweets. They will rejoice over every new subscriber, but will rarely go out of their way to lure them in.

Settle less, reach more

If you have decided to become a part of the very vast world that is the blogosphere today, you have to admit to yourself that you most likely wish to draw some attention to yourself, your brand, your product.

Whether you are doing it for the fame or the fortune, if you do your business online, you need to know how to market yourself, and how to step out of your comfort zone and assume the guise of a reacher.

You don’t have to change who you are, only take on some of the strategies of reachers, which will help you turn your own business venture into a successful one. Here are a few pointers:

  • Social media matters – Even if you don’t enjoy it, posting your own work on social media is not something to be avoided lightly. The power of a single tweet is ever growing, and only if people know who you are will they ever visit your site.
  • Teach Google to see you – In order for people to find you, you need to let Google know you have your own place on the web. By employing a few basic SEO strategies, you will let googlers know you are there, and what you have to offer.
  • Who you reach out to is key – Leveraging the power of an influencer can be a gigantic step in the right direction. Find fellow bloggers who write about the stuff you do, write to bloggers who you admire, and simply ask them to stop by and check out your work. Once at least one of them realizes your quality, the ball will begin to roll, and visitors will start stopping by.
  • Building an audience base is a must – Whether you sell or write: you need to generate a steady base of people who visit your site. The only way to do this is by giving them what they want. Utilizing tools like Google Analytics to learn more about your visitors will let you know why they come to you and not to your competition, and that’s all the information you will need for future posts.
  • Content still reigns – No matter what anyone says: if you have poor content, no amount of tweets will save you. Even if you know your way with words, writing in the digital age is nothing like writing for a small audience. Learn about digital trends and pitfalls, and utilize your knowledge wisely.
  • Looks can be deceiving – Quality sites are not necessarily the prettiest ones. Investing in quality web design may not seem like the most important thing, but your visual identity can make or break your fate. You don’t need to invest too much money in this venture – there are tons of free online tools to get you started.

Teach yourself to reach

If you have decided to put on your reacher cap, but have no clue how to make yourself a bit more assertive, fret not. There are about a million ways to start.

  • Try to learn as much about your niche as you can
  • Make a concrete plan of action and stick to it
  • Set up a reward system for yourself
  • Coach yourself with high performance coaching methods
  • Try to overcome your shyness
  • Work hard on overcoming your fear of failure
  • Stop putting everything off until Monday
  • Stay positive, no matter what
  • Believe you can do it – and really do it

Hopefully you will have found at least one gem of advice to help you with your virtual endeavors.

Best of luck from your settler turned reacher, Norah.

Final Thoughts

You may find relating to influencers, co-bloggers or co-business owners hard especially if it’s your first time in the blogging business. However, the risk of developing your business relationship management as a newbie blogger is worth your while.

In this post, Norah taught you whether you can be a reacher or a settler blogger or small business owner. It’s up to you on how you can manage to leverage your site to your audience. Needless to say that by doing this step creates a lot of butterflies in your stomach in the moment and you find it awkward and less confident with it. Remember, at the end, you’ll benefit a lot by doing it.

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