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How To Create Layouts For Midori Inserts

Tired of buying Midori inserts that don’t satisfy your journaling, scribbling needs? Well, why not create layouts for your Midori inserts on your own?

Creating layouts for your traveler’s notebooks don’t sound difficult. In fact, it will only take minutes sitting in front of your PC to make that possible. You have a lot of options for them. But first thing is you need a software that will help you do that.

Further, you also need to be patient with making layouts and flexibility in case they still won’t look like you desired.

In this post, I have divided into two parts. The beginner level and the intermediate and advanced levels. Before you go through the entire post, I have here a FREEBIE for you, friend!

Yes, you can gain access to your free Midori planner pages and new stickers as decorative element for your journaling and travelers notebook scribbles.

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So, what are your options to create layouts for Midori inserts?


Beginner Level

First Option: Be well-oriented with your word processor.

The first option, which is also the most basic and considered a no-brainer for most of us, is doing that on a word processor. This includes MS Word, WPS Office, or MS Word for Mac.

Either way, you will have the same results. Especially for beginners or who don’t have experience with intermediate or advanced layout software i.e. PhotoShop or CorelDraw.

If you don’t have these (although they’re usually pre-installed on your PC when purchased), you can see FREE downloads online. Make sure that before you install these programs in your system, you familiarize their terms and conditions.

For this, you can click the following links to route you to the download links where you can get these:

Download MS Word

*Take note: For Microsoft products, you can only access limited functions unless if you buy the whole license. If you want to make use of the maximum number of stuff there, better buy the whole thing. You can get that here. 🙂

Download WPS Office

This is what I have on my laptop right now, which I could say useful when creating layouts for beginners. NOTE: It is quite not a user-friendly program and you kind of lost when you’re really not familiar where the commands are placed versus MS Word.

Download MS Word for Mac

Honestly, I haven’t used Mac myself so I can’t say if this is easier to use or not. But you can try if you like for 30 days and see if it’s worth the download or not. If not, simply uninstall the software from your system and try another word processor.


Learn how to create your own layouts for your Midori inserts through the tips I have written in this post. I have given you options depending on your level. See this post for more details and get your FREE stuff as well.

Intermediate and Advanced Levels

Second Option: Explore Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop, and CorelDraw

There are other options for digital layout software like PhotoShop and CorelDraw. You can also have Adobe InDesign and Illustrator. In my case, I am a fan of using CorelDraw X8 after my husband introduced me to it last month.

Since then, I haven’t stopped using it with my layouts. As a handmade notebook craftsman, this became my best friend when it comes to creating new stocks of notebooks at home. I used PhotoShop CS6 before, but it was too difficult to manage. I haven’t tried Adobe InDesign and Illustrator as well.

If you are open to trying these programs for your Midori inserts, check these videos to have a quick tutorial on how you can do your layouts you want.

Using Adobe Illustrator


Using Adobe InDesign


Using PhotoShop


Using CorelDraw (X8 is apparently new software, no tutorials yet. I might have to make the first! :D)

Apparently, there is no tutorial available for this one. But this is the software I use for creating layouts for Midori inserts both for personal and business purposes.


So, how to do your Midori inserts in these levels?

If you’re up for these levels, you can download the following software at your own risk *winks* Remember my warning, before you install something in your PC, make sure you have read their terms and conditions carefully.

Download Adobe InDesign

Download Adobe Illustrator

Download PhotoShop CC 2018

Download CorelDraw X7 and CorelDraw X8


Final Thoughts

Basically, you have two options to create your own Midori inserts depending on your decision. You can do the easy one, which is the beginner level wherein you can utilize your underrated word processors to make your pages. Or you can take up the challenge and do the intermediate and advanced levels.

The important thing is you like what you make and the results will all depend on how patient you work on each design. As a layout designer for Bitchy Chicken Journal, I spend almost whole day sitting in front of the laptop working on each layout. That’s how it is.

If you’re not patient enough to finish the layout you want that no stores offer, you have to be prepared with its cost. Your effort, patience, and imagination are required to make your Midori inserts look the best as you wish.

It’s all up to you, friend. I have given you options to choose from, it is up to you which of these you will do and not. Whether you will do the layout or go back to buying on online stores again.

Personally, if you make your own pages, it will give you the personal touch for your notebooks compared to simply buying one in a store. It has a different feeling. Again, it’s your decision which of which you will do.

Buy one or make your own. 🙂

Before you go, get your free monthly planner sheets and other planner stuff (stickers included) by clicking the button below. Oh, heck, yeah!

Grab your free printable - How to create layouts for Midori inserts


Photo by STIL on Unsplash

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