Cute Writing Journals, Unique Notebooks

Hey! Thanks for stopping by. Today, I’ll be sharing with you our latest whereabouts. Since the past few days, I was really busy creating these cute writing journals for gifts and for sale in our Bitchy Chicken Shop.

The reason behind this huge project is to make these cute and unique notebooks as a gift for my relatives, who will be visiting this coming December 26 for our annual family reunion.

So, as a contribution, I decided and with my mother’s consent, I have to make 30 awesome cute writing journals for the event and at the same time, for something to sell in our shop.

It’s a lot of work. I know.


**dusts swirling**

Anyway, in this post, I will just give you the four handmade cute and unique notebooks I made so far. I will be sharing them with you in an in-depth story in certain dates of November.

Is that cool?

For now, check the following designs, which are also available in our Facebook page-shop. All of the journals are stylized with a journal lock with beads.


Handmade writing notebooks with…


Cute flower fabric prints

Cute notebook, handmade journal with flower fabric prints and stylized journal lock with beads - Bitchy Chicken Journals


Cute orange animal fabric print

Handmade unique notebook with orange animal prints


Cute striped, abstract fabric prints

Handmade cute writing notebook, unique journal with abstract fabric prints and stylized journal lock with beads


Cute zebra fabric prints

Handmade unique writing notebook, cute writing journal with animal print


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