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Free Ready To Print Long Distance Relationship, Couple T-Shirt Designs (Worth More Than $99 For Limited Time!)

You might have thought our freebie is a big joke. I bet so.

Who would give away free ready to print T-shirt designs like these? If you ask other shirt designers or any graphic designers out there, I know they won’t give such freebie especially if it’s worth more than $99! That’s a lot of work to do. They are not just designed as it is, they are ready to print files. Yet, we are making that possible for you. Just download and print to any personal use you want.

That’d be insane, right? But we do. For only a limited time! So, grab them while it’s still there for FREE!

More About Free T-Shirt Designs Limited Time Offer

Currently, we are giving off free T-shirt designs worth more than $99 which are already set in Encapsulated PostScript (.eps) format. That means, they are already ready to print designs. With our fiery love and passion to share our stuff to awesome people like you, we spent each design at least one (1) hour.

Yes, seriously one hour! If you approach any shirt printing shops or your graphic designer friends out there, they’ll know the worth of these. Yoooohoooo!


Grab our free ready to print shirt with LDR design


Grab this free shirt ready to print design with love parachute design

Instead of purchasing these designs for $150, you have to spend $0. Yes, nothing! Just sign up below to download ready to print Tees for a limited time.

When you sign up, you’ll receive a confirmation with an attached link for the .eps files. If you’re all in, you can freely download the files with no buck to ask. They’re all yours for free.


Important Announcement
This freebie will be limited until April 22, 11:59AM EST. If the downloads are high, we might be closing this offer earlier. Just stay tuned with further announcements from our post to keep you updated. Danke!
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  • Great Post Layout my friend…

    Thank you for sharing 😉

    • Hi, Amanda! You’re always welcome! We havw more to come. Stay tuned! 🙂