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Get Rid Of Getting Stuck When Blogging Your DIY Crafts And Craft Projects Once And For All

Do you feel like you don’t have any idea what DIY crafts and craft projects to blog for your next posts? Do you feel stuck whenever you start blogging your DIY crafts? Did you have that feeling of overthinking whether this post will be good for your blog or will be unrelated to your niche? Have you felt like you aren’t sure what kind of DIY crafts and craft projects to showcase for your audience?

Frustrating, isn’t it?

It is terrifying to have these moments especially if we have already had earned our audience’s trust with our blog. It’s also the same with the new blogs like yours as well. They feel uncertainty of their posts whether they’re good enough for their new DIY and craft blog.

Every blogger has these moments. It’s normal. It’s inevitable. It’s not really bad at all. But not all the time. The term “creative block” became a norm in blogosphere knowing that they have the instinctive pressure in mind to create worth-sharing and best blog post to publish for our respective readers.

This usually happens when you feel uncertain with your ideas to create or blog posts to write about. Usually, if you love doing something, you’re inspired and driven to accomplish it. However, on the process of accomplishing it, there will be times when you feel the “block” and that hinders every idea you have in mind.

This is true when you are a craft blogger. You feel stuck when you do blogging your DIY crafts and craft projects. You feel empty about it or blank when you face your PC or laptop. You ended up staring at your blog with no idea popping up. Most of the time, instead of doing something to be productive for the day, you rather watch Netflix whole day.

On the other hand, creative block can happen if you tend to produce a lot of ideas leading you to a confusion which of these will be the best one to write or to create. Jeff Goins of Goins Writer described that feeling as “paralysis due to too many ideas.”

Because of having too many ideas, you consider too many possibilities and outcomes to expect. You have too many choices at hand and right now, you’re too confused which of which of these will be great.

So, how to prevent yourself from having this paralysis while blogging your DIY crafts and craft projects?

Learn how to get rid of getting stuck when blogging your DIY crafts and craft projects for your next blog posts. I shared how I personally overcome the pressure of blogging that resulted from my agonizing and more stressful creative block when I blog and create new ideas for my audience. Read the entire post or re-pin to read later.  #blogging #creativeblock #DIY #crafts #craftblog


1. Avoid overthinking of what’s the best post or not.

This is the most common tendency for creative people. Jeff said they are always perfectionists. We always seek for perfection when we select something. We always have that instinct to select the best or trying to prove something with ourselves that we could do better. There’s nothing wrong with that, pal.

2. Be confident of sharing authenticity to audience through your blog posts.

Be yourself when you write your DIYs and craft projects. The most common habit of creative bloggers is they tend to be perfectionist even when they write their posts. What they don’t realize, the more inhibited they are in their blog, the more audience will not likely to get an appeal from their message. It is because they know the author behind the post hides something from them or they feel they reading a post written by a robot.

Just remain authentic to your audience. Let them feel this is you and that’s how you speak. They’re reading your natural language, the same words you speak, the same tone you sound when you speak something. Don’t inhibit yourself just because of wanting to be produce the best post for them.

Learn how to get rid from getting stuck when blogging your DIY crafts and craft projects. Learn my personal strategies how to prevent this from locking your creative ideas in your blog posts. This photo is owned by DaWanda Deutschland via Pinterest.
Photo credits to DaWanda Deutschland via Pinterest

3. Never force yourself working all the time.

Learn how to delegate tasks to other people. Oftentimes, creative bloggers rely on their creativity when they write DIY crafts. If they experience creative block, this is really uncool.

4. Share your ideas to your spouse, your close friend, or your trusted sibling.

This is to make you have an accountability partner which is really useful during your down times. They are the same persons whom you lean on for ideas when your creative brain suck. Aside from that, they are also the same group of people who will evaluate your ideas or at least will remember what you shared with them.

5. Do a morning meditation.

There are a lot of meditation techniques you can do after you wake up. It’s either doing a yoga, prayer, journal writing, or just a pure silence. Never do work-related activity right after you wake up.

A lot of expert bloggers telling their audience they should write a blog right after they wake up (if they happen to be a morning person). But, pal, no. I did the same most of the time. I regretted the impact in me. Now, I’m suffering it. I have low frustration tolerance level and I usually have my depressive episodes because of my lack of meditation.

6. Exercise.

I know it’s an overrated advice. But it’s effective. I do a 30-minute dance every day. If not, I just do household chores. At least, I allow myself move around the house for a bit before going back to work.

A lot of expert bloggers are doing this because if you’re forcing yourself to produce a good creative outcome, it will never be possible. Our brain needs to boost those hormones responsible for our creativity through sweating ourselves at work. According to scientists, the cerebellum is the part of the brain where creativity is activated.

7. When blogging your DIY crafts, always write a journal.

Start writing your journal pages and express your thoughts on them. If you aren’t the kind of person who shares things to other people, then this will be your good option. I am doing this personally, so I know how journaling impacts my blogging venture.

Learn how to get rid from getting stuck when blogging your DIY crafts and craft projects. Learn my personal strategies how to prevent this from locking your creative ideas in your blog posts. This photo is owned by Free People Blog via Pinterest.
Photo credits to Free People Blog via Pinterest.

Final Thoughts

Creative block is normally experienced by any creative. Those who blog DIY crafts and craft projects are most likely to have this block hindering them to produce great ideas or decide which of the thousands of ideas to choose for their next craft projects.

Though it will not be prevented but we can do something about it without compromising our productivity. There are times when I cannot produce blog posts or videos like the past few days, yet I was able to create bullet points for my articles.

I may not have the appetite to write in paragraphs but I was able to create points to write about which is a great job. You can do the same with your projects. You may not have the mood to produce a video for your next DIY tutorial, but you can imagine the story board of your video. At least, you will have a picture on how your video presentation will look like after it’s edited.

Never allow creative block hinder your creativity and your productivity. Use your creativity, pal.

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