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My Handmade Acrylic Pen For My Sister Elke

This is the photo of my birthday gift for my sister, Elke, last September 2012. It is my handmade acrylic pen. It was made from acrylic as the main material which was result of mixing resin and the colors which I think she likes.

It was easy to make such a pen. I just didn’t have that much interest doing it more than the last pen I created. In the last years, I was into graphic designing and my whole time was spent doing sticker layouts and stuff like that. With pen making, I admitted I was not able to do it again not until last year.

Anyway, if you’re curious how I did my handmade acrylic pen birthday gift for my sister, you can watch the video below to see yourself how easy it is to make such for your own or for a gift. It’s easy made but it can a good item to sell to your shop. If you own one. 


To end this brief post, I’d like to share why I love creating handmade pens like these. I ever liked the idea of writing letters to someone you really love to make them feel your sincerity. In the advent of advanced technology, you could imagine how rare we do send letters or post cards to our families, to our friends, to our partners, to our spouses.

Because of that reason of giving the letter writing a chance to show its importance to every customer I will have, I will create more of them this year. For sure until the next years.

My handmade acrylic pen for my sister Elke was created around 2012. It's been a long time since I made this one for her as a gift. Learn how I managed to create this wonderful #handmade #gift and how you can also do the same with your loved ones as well to make your #gift extra special.

Just check this site for more updates on the entire process of creating my handmade acrylic and wood pens and how I exactly did them before displaying them for sale. You may have questions in mind. Feel free to share your thoughts on the comment section below.

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