Handmade journal, notebook, diary with cute fabric pattern

Today, I’ll show you our new handmade journal I created recently. With that said, I’m so proud showcasing that here.

Currently, I’m selling it locally as a start after my Etsy shop closure and my tragic first craft business experience. If you want to see the whole process and the story behind it, you can see our Instagram account for that, because I’m frequently updating there.

What I did here is I sew the edges together with the cloth facing outwards. That gave the same fabric pattern in the exterior and the interior parts of the journal.

With the pages, I bind the five signatures stacked together through long-sitch binding. I used the thick black binding thread named “Forellenfaden” shipped from Germany. It’s actually a strong thread made from polyester. So, that made the binding stronger.

Then, placed a small hole enough to fit the Forellenfaden thread inserted and braided to lock the journal. As finishing touches, I placed cute beads. 🙂

Is it looking great?


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