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How I Increased My Blog Traffic Through Pinterest To 129.67% In 7 Days

So, you’re desperate to increase your blog views?

I bet you’re so curious how I increased my blog traffic through Pinterest to 130% in 7 days alone. Probably, you’re new blogger with only 20-30 views per day.

You’re dreaming to increase blog traffic soon and you want to have it badly. Well, turn your head to this powerful weapon: Pinterest.

You have heard about Pinterest as an important tool to increase your blog views yet you don’t know how it really works. You knew that pinning can affect your blog traffic since it can increase visibility. You are a small business owner, perhaps, and you want to increase more sales to your shop through Pinterest. The problem is you still don’t know how it would work.

How I increased my blog traffic through Pinterest to 129.67% in 7 days. Learn how I was able to increase our traffic though we're just a new site. Know deeper how you can standout as a craft blogger or small craft business owner through Pinterest. Plus free #workbook and #checklist. #blogging @Pinterest

Before we’ll go deep to this post, download your FREE 5-page workbook and checklist to guide you along your pinning journey. Your workbook will include suggested lists you can do where to go and how you can play around Pinterest and my magic tool.

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Why do you need to use Pinterest?

Pinterest is recently considered as a search engine, rather than a simple social media platform through images or pins from the pinners like you. It has been the go-to hub for bloggers, small business owners, craftpreneurs, and even product seekers or your potential customers or clients.

The traffic starts when your target audience, potential customers or clients find your pin attractive and compelling that convince them to see more through your site. If it’s a blog post, they will like to read more and see what you have in-stored for them. If it’s a product pin, the pin routes the readers to your shop.

How I increased my blog traffic using Pinterest and how you can do too!

In the infographic below, you see there are 100 million Pinterest users you can attract in this year alone. So, if you have nice pins and attractive images with compelling titles, the more chances to attract people to visit your shop or your blog.

Learn how I increased my blog traffic through Pinterest by studying the social media analytics 2016
Credits to

How I increased my blog traffic through Pinterest?

The first time I heard about using Pinterest as your powerhouse to increase blog views was when I met Melyssa Griffin from (previously She used Pinterest as a tool to increase her blog traffic through pinning strategically.

I also heard Sarah Morgan from using the same tool. In fact, she offered a course called Pinterest Powerhouse like Melyssa did in her Pinfinite Growth. Great bloggers like Dustin Stout from, Mariah Coz from are using the same search engine for their blogs.

If you’re curious how is it possible for you to have the same success, you have two options. You can enroll to any of their courses or you can do it yourself. But the risk of the second option is, it will take you more time like I did since I can’t afford their courses yet in the moment.

So, if you’re like me who has a big pocket holes as my finances aren’t well this time, the only option I’ve got is to use my magic tool to increase my blog views. Like the other thousands of bloggers are using, I’m using BoardBooster.

When I started using BoardBooster last March 27, 2016, my Pinterest profile impressions increased to 107.30%, blog pins views to 129.67%, group board impressions to 576.09% in just 7 days! In a matter of 2-3 months, I’d see great results.

This graphic shows how Boardbooster contributed to increase my blog traffic through Pinterest in 7 days. #BoardBooster #Pinterest #blogging #blogtraffic

Pinterest profile impression increase graphic

Pinterest group board impression increase graphic
The data shows from March 27, 2016 to April 4, 2016.

How BoardBooster works?

Before that, let me introduce BoardBooster to you as a newbie in this tool. If you have heard of it from other bloggers, maybe you’re still curious what is it really about.

BoardBooster is the #1 trusted blogger’s tool to Pinterest. It’s a tool that helps you to schedule your pins in your board or to any group boards you belong. There are lots of nice features in this tool that contributed to my sudden increase of my blog traffic and my Pinterest profile and followers (from 2 to 64 in 3 weeks!)

When you go to their site, you’ll see their features immediately from their landing page below, which are really simple and fun to use. If you like to try this tool which is just $5 for 500 pins. Click here to avail BoardBooster (referral link).

How I increased my blog traffic through Pinterest by using Boardbooster tool. #Pinterest #blogging #tool #BoardBooster

How I Used BoardBooster to Increase my Blog Views?

1. Prepared my blog pins.

First, I prepared the site pin images to make them attractive to my target audience in Pinterest. I used Canva to create Pinterest images for the blog (and to make them really fast, I’m a beginner Photoshop user, you know!)

2. Changed my unattractive pins in my blog posts. 

Using Canva as my online editing software for my pins, I edited the Pinterest images to make them consistent to my brand. In fact, I experimented two designs now and see which of these works well based from the number of repins and likes.

3. Scheduled new pins to BoardBooster.

Using the scheduler feature, I set the boards I want to schedule for my pins. I have 3 boards set for scheduling. What does this scheduler do to your pins? It’s basically scheduling the pinning to the board you have set in BoardBooster. Once the board is set for scheduling, BoardBooster will create a secret board where you place your pins you like to pin in that scheduled date.

4. Looped old pins to boards.

If you’re pinning for long time, in my case, I’m not since I started last February 16 this year in Bitchy Chicken, I’m not looping my pins yet. But for sure I’ll do in the next months once I have reached around 200 pins in each board. Looping your old pins means you can pin the old pins in that same board so your new audience will see them as recent rather than scanning your whole board forever.

5. Scheduled campaigns to group boards.

When you say campaigns, BoardBooster will be getting pins from your source boards to your target group boards you want your pins to be pinned. Let’s say, you want to pin in X, Y, Z group boards from your “Latest Blog Posts” board. Schedule your campaigns from”Latest Blog Posts” board to pin in X, Y, Z group boards. Note: Always check the rules in these boards or else, they will appear spammer. You don’t like that.

Download your free 5-page workbook + checklist

More, more, more tips!

  • If you’re familiar with all the features, you can use Pin Mover, Pin Doctor, or Group Manager. Pin Mover moves the pins with less to no repins at all to certain boards which are set for deleting; Pin Doctor scans pins with repins or likes and the results will be sent to your email; and, Group Manager is only useful if you have a group board. It’s like your GM in a hotel. Try them here!
  • Join more group boards. Search for relevant group boards according to your niche. Make sure to read all their rules on how you can possibly join their group boards as their contributor. You can join “Creative Blogging | Group Board” here.
  • Always update your boards and see what pins should be deleted or updated. This will make your pinning authority high in the eyes of the beholder — Pinterest analytics.
  • Be active in social media. Other than Pinterest, make sure you’re active in other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+. Do more activity on certain platforms where your social sharings are high. Let’s say you get the most traffic from Facebook and Pinterest. Then, aside from Pinterest, do the same with Facebook.
  • Use social media sharing or scheduling tools. These include Buffer, Hootsuite, MeetEdgar, or CoSchedule to schedule your posts outside Pinterest.

Final Thoughts

Though you’re using BoardBooster or about to use this blogging tool in your Pinterest account to increase your blog traffic, always keep in mind the results still takes more time. It requires you to commit to high quality content creation and consistency to gain traction from your audience.

The promise of an increased site traffic can be assured through BoardBooster but it will still rely on your ability to create attractive and compelling posts that will convince your readers to respond to your call-to-action. It’s your responsibility to make high quality content to your audience to assure consistent high traffic with partnership with SEO.

In my case, I’ve observed lots of small wins since I started using this blogging tool although it’s not that much compared to the previous blogging strategies I did. But it’s an assurance for me that I can reach high traffic with utmost commitment in my end for our blog.

The results will be clear after next months after using BoardBooster as my personal partner to my blogging success. The same tool I will use to increase traffic for our online shop as well.

Download your free 5-page workbook + checklist

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