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Learn 10 easy-but-difficult hacks how millionaires relax and maximize spare time

Have you ever wondered how millionaires relax and maximize their spare time, while they stay away from their corporate work?

Did you ever give respect to your body after a long-time hard work? If a big guy like Bill Gates can give a spare time once in a while, why can’t you?

You have been relentlessly working for your blog and business. I bet, you find it hard to balance your time for yourself, your family, your children, your friends, your blog, and your business. I bet some of you were trying hard to manage everything that caused you too exhausted.

You are absolutely drained. You want to relax. You want to give time for yourself to recharge. But sadly, you can’t. But, you’re badly needing it. The question is how?


Messing up everything? Learn 10 easy-but-difficult hacks how millionaires relax and maximize their spare time, while continuously building their creative business empire. You can't miss this post now. Read this here.


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Let’s begin.

How do you want to unwind?

Do you find it necessary to effectively run your creative business?

I personally do.


Because of my previous experiences, while running my passion-business in 2015, I failed. Terribly. It was definitely my most horrifying experience I will never forget as a handmade entrepreneur.

I have all crazy ideas in my head for my business, but it took me months to realize that I made a fatal mistake.

I went crazy.

I experienced an emotional breakdown. I procrastinated. I became confused. My business inspiration, motivation, drive, and enthusiasm were gone into ashes. I got depressed. It took me months to recover. And what’s worse, I decided to quit, because I know I failed.

Months have gone by, I learned my mistakes. It was really fatal, but I’m glad I managed to remain optimistic after that. Though I was succumbing with depression at that time, my faith kept me going.

I worked as a freelance writer for months and finally said goodbye with my business two months after my first try in a handmade business.

After a three-month stressful business, I learned that I was too harsh on myself, believing that I can work 24/7 and alone.

I thought business can push through online with my Etsy shop alone. My assumption that it will work well if work straight was a great idea. Unfortunately, it was not.

Based on my experiences, I will share with you how to value relaxation and to maximize your spare time away from your business once in a while to rejuvenate and to restore the used energy, while running your creative business, THE MILLIONAIRES WAY. Yeahhh!


Shut your business down during weekends.

That means you have to turn off your business mode on weekends at least to spend time with your family, friends, and have fun. Creativity in business solely dependent on how well your mental health is.

Tip: If you’re too stressed and overwhelmed, you cannot create products in accord to your standards and produce high-quality products at your store or shop promised to your clients. 


Create an official business hour and follow that.

Never allow yourself to work a lot to keep your business running. Never allow yourself to get swamped with tons of business-related work, compromising your time with your family and yourself.

Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter, and Square, follows the same principle. He does this in day-to-day routine. He has a specific task for Monday, Tuesday, and the rest of the week. SPECIFIC.

“The more you set a cadence around what you do and the more ritual and the more consistency you can build in your schedule, the less stress you’re doing to have,” he said.

Of course, you need to do more hard work to earn more, right? But that does not mean you disrespect your body’s need to relax, to reflect, and to plan on day-to-day basis.

Tip: Create your own official business hour to divide your time for your family and your business. Never switch them or else you compromise either of the two aspects of your time. Remember, family and business are both time-consuming. So, better divide it. 


Give yourself a summer or winter break.

Have vacation.

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and an amazing inventor, usually do this once in a while. He goes to his secret hideout away from everyone to read books and to find some inspiration for his future projects.

To replicate his healthy millionaire habit, spend a week without business in mind. Explore with other non-business activities for a week or so.

Tip: Spend time with your family with a hundred percent attention. Meet with your friends. Do something relaxing and chilling to regain that business motivation when you resume to that mode. 


Learn 10 easy-but-difficult hacks how millionaires relax and maximize spare time


The major mistake every creative business owners face is having a cluttered mind, a root cause of procrastination. No sense of direction, no clear distinction of goals, no clear weekly accomplishments.

These were my major mistakes I did when I first started my handmade business. 

A creative business owner, both owning an online shop and a physical shop, needs to reflect minor and major accomplishments to determine the success rates of your business in a low- and high-scale.

Tip: Have a journal with you (all the time) and reflect your life as a businessman and a family man. In terms of business, you need to answer what have you accomplished this week and what not, what strategies were implemented and what not? So on. In this way, you won’t get lost in your passion business in the long-run. 




If you want to copy Steve Jobs’ success, then learn how to meditate. He meditates most of the time. The result? Macbook, iPhone 4, 5, 6 , 7, and later 8. If one of the iconic geniuses in the history does this, why can’t you?

I meditate through prayers and journaling. It’s also my personal way to reflect and help me change my attitude towards life and other people.

Tip: Reserve some minutes to meditate daily. The best way you can do this is when you wake up. Before you get up in bed, spend time to do some yoga exercises, without thinking about your work and your household concerns. If not, spend time outside and have a walk and breathe some fresh morning air. 




Focus on controllable things than the uncontrollable ones.

Tom Horley, who is the author of Rich Habits – The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals, emphasized the wealthy people’s mindset towards things.

They only focus on what they can control and eliminate the uncontrollable ones. In that way, they can have a higher chance to live happily, peacefully, and positively.

Tip: You don’t have to stress yourself over uncontrollable things like your clients, your family’s decisions, your business future, and so on. Just focus on things you can control and eliminate those you can’t. 


Celebrate your successes!

Whenever you achieve something, whether an accomplished creative business plan or earned $500 that week, should be celebrated. You made an effort to achieve that goal, which is a concrete reason to celebrate that.

Tip: Reward yourself if you have goal/s achieved. Reinforce your journey towards your entrepreneurial success with rewards to keep you going. Buy another John Maxwell book this month for accomplishing a freebie for your email subscribers, for example.


Read more.

If you can read a book per day, that’s great. In my case, I do that monthly. I can’t afford to buy books monthly. Shhhh! Anyway, the more books you read, the better the rewiring that happens in your brain. Aside from it scientifically stimulates your creativity, it de-stresses you at the same time.

Take a look with Warren Buffet, well, you know him, he’s one of the most strategic businessman I know online. He’s one of the notable billionaires in this era. But take a glance on his activity during his break time. He says that the most effective way to de-stress is to read more books, regardless if it’s fiction or non-fiction.

The reason is it distracts you momentarily from your present and allow yourself immerse to the imagination of the author. If it’s non-fiction, you will learn more about things you’re interested in. This month, I’ve read lots of self-development books of John Maxwell and Kevin DeYoung.

Tip: If you want to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs, make reading a healthy habit. Buy a book every month or once a week. Make sure you read your book every day. 


Learn 10 easy-but-difficult hacks how millionaires relax and maximize spare time

Take action.

If you have something to worry about, even a small speck of thing in your business and in your household, for example, that means you have not done something to it.

This is how Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, thinks about his huge company. Earning 70.5 billion this year as his net worth, he assumed that if there is something that worries him, he has to take a look at that “worry” and resolve it immediately.

This is true. If you feel like you haven’t done anything, you will worry. If that is left unresolved, you will be consumed with it and later that cause will lead you procrastinating. Thus, failure awaits. Absolutely.

Tip: Identify the areas of your business or blog where you need to fix. Let’s say, you forgot to create a post for the day. Make bullet points for that post through your phone or notepad. Then, transfer to WordPress for the whole post. When you do this, your guilt and anxiety will get lesser. So, spend time resolving that issue to avoid you anxious because of that. 


Move around.

Your body is a vessel of your soul and the earth. This is the striking concept I got when I listened to Kerygma TV, a televised Catholic feast of Bo Sanchez. You can’t live on earth as a soul. You need a body. So, better take care of it.

It is already scientifically-proven that exercising affects the hormones that are responsible for creativity, depression, anxiety, stress, and other unhealthy mental outcomes.

Tip: Get sweat. Move around. Get physical. Toxins should be taken out from your body. Rewire your mind through letting your head acknowledge the cleansing you’re doing with your vessel.



Lack of sleep results to unhealthy mindset and unhealthy brain. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s true! You need to get at least eight hours of sleep every night to rejuvenate the stressed out body. Remember, you need to take care of your vessel to run the business effectively.

Arianna Huffington, the woman behind The Huffington Post, experienced the ill-effects of sleep deprivation that motivated her to install nap rooms in her office for her employees. That’s Arianna Huffington herself. How about you, pal?

Tip: Sleep at least 8 hours of sleep or at least one hour before your usual sleeping time. If you sleep 12 in the midnight, sleep 11 pm. Then, wake up after 8 to 10 hours. Respect your body or else it will give you more problems later on. 


Final Thoughts

The ones I stated above are some of the easiest hacks you can do to replicate how millionaires relax, but difficult to start. However, you cannot guarantee your own version of success, if you don’t know how change your mindset to it.

Before success comes to you and loves you, you need to prepare through the simple tips I shared. I have my own pitfalls, really painful pitfalls, and I don’t want you to experience that just because you don’t want to listen and to challenge yourself.

If you want to secure your success through changing your attitude and learning the respect your body need, sign up below to get my upcoming eBook Clear Your Lens: Transforming Aimless Crazypreneurs to dig in through the process of mind detox for crazily busy creative businessperson like you.

Learn the step-by-step process to lessen the impact of procrastination slowly, until you can finally free yourself from it. Grab your spot now!




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