How to balance work-life with blogging without adding more wrinkles on your face

Are you trying to juggle your life while balancing your life and work? Do you find it too difficult to balance work-life with blogging?

You desire a peaceful mind without worrying about our unfinished tasks in work and in our family. Some of us have obligations in our families. So, our energies have to go extra mile to accomplish everything.

In our daily lives, we don’t merely wake up, eat, work, and sleep. We still need to cook for our others, work double to save money for monthly expenses, and sleep after our day to day responsibilities are done.

As a result, we end up stressed and anxious about our every day lives. At night, before we sleep, we still think about what could happen in the next day. If not, we think about solutions to our problems. That’s why we usually don’t notice, we sleep late.

That’s my usual routine since months.

Are you struggling with which of these tasks should be prioritized? For a full-time blogger, this is an ultimate problem. Learn how to balance work-life with blogging without adding wrinkles on your face today. Read this post now.

As a full-time freelance online news writer and blogger, I have to learn how to weigh things per day. I need to balance my errands per day through scheduling one task at a time.

My job starts around 6 in the morning and ends around 2 in the afternoon or sometimes 4. Plus, I have to do household chores, too.

Before I start working, I need to freshen up and cook for breakfast. I have to cook for two for myself and my sister before she leaves school.

After long hours of work while sitting down, I need to sweat a bit. So, I exercise for some minutes while defrosting meat for dinner. An hour later or so, I have to start preparing the dish.

I usually end my chores at 7 in the evening. That’s two hours before my parents and my sister arrive home. At the end of the day, I suffer from back pain and all the pains, stress, anxiety, so on.

Without noticing it, my face started to aged fast. Wrinkles are everywhere on my face. I feel like a 30-year-old woman. At 23, this is odd. I don’t like this.

Consequently, I start to move against this aging process. That’s what I’m sharing with you.


How to balance work-life without adding wrinkles on your face?

To begin, I have listed here a short day to day regimen to help you conquer that battle. I divided them to three sections. At least, you’ll see it clear and brief.

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Regimen after waking up

1. Start your day with stretching. If you can, you can do yoga for half an hour after waking up. Since I’m working whole day in front of my laptop for long hours, I do exercises good for my back.

2. Drink lots of water after you wake up as well. I drink around 2 to 4 glasses of water every day. Make sure you do this before eating something. Wait for 30 minutes before eating.

3. After you freshen up, relax. Get a cup of coffee and enjoy the silence. If not, thank the Almighty for another day. Think about the positive things and the joy of accomplishing all your tasks today.


During the day

4. Have time to exercise for at least 30 minutes per day. Groove though you don’t know how to dance. Just get sweat.

5. Eat healthy as much as you can. Don’t do it abruptly. Start slow especially if you’re not use to a diet. Let’s say, you wanted to start a vegan life. Start slow but consistent. I don’t follow certain diet. But I usually lessen my rice consumption and practice intermittent fasting.

6. Set priorities limited to three tasks per day. That means, don’t overload your day. Learn to break down the assignments per day. One for your work, one for your other role, so on. It feels good to achieve the three things at the end of the day.

7. Avoid social media early in the morning and late at night. Refrain from checking your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites minutes or hours after you wake up. The same thing should be done minutes before you sleep.

8. Put away your phones and other devices running while working. These includes Skype, and other applications while working. If you can handle multi-tasking, minimize the tasks to three like I pointed out. As much possible, turn your devices off during working hours.

9. Listen to music that makes you relax. I love listening to different kinds of music. I like rock music like Slipknot, so on to boost my creativity. But I also listen to Il Divo while relaxing. It’s up to you what variety of music you like to listen.

10. Practice positive mindset. I know I have emphasized this in my previous point. But I want to reiterate it here. I’ve been a pessimist with all side of things. Yet, this book saved my life. I’m referring to Bo Sanchez’s “Heart Detox” which costs around Php 300 ($6 / 5 Euro). See his book here. You can also see the “Heart Detox” reviews here.

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Before sleeping

11. Think of what you have accomplished today. Let the positive thoughts come your mind minutes before you sleep. If negative thoughts are inevitable, just cry. Let it out. Feel the emotions. But never allow it to go beyond your sleeping time. Make sure when you wake up the next morning, you’re already calm.

12. Pray or meditate. Regardless of your religious beliefs, always keep in mind that you also need to keep your faith strong. What happens if you neglect meditation or praying is misguidance. Wisdom goes away from you instead of embracing it.

13. Write a diary or journal. Writing heals. That’s self-explanatory.  😛  Let your mind express. Don’t mind about grammar and how legible your handwriting is.


Final thoughts

It is important to learn how to balance work-life in our daily lives to avoid stress and unnecessary anxiety. This is because these are the roots of our wrinkles and fast aging. I’m 23, but I don’t want to look like a 33-year-old woman. I’m not yet fit right now, but I’m striving to be one.

Slowly but consistently.

How do you find this post? Do you have something to add or to share? Feel free to comment below. Share this post through the social media icons on the sidebar. Thanks a lot, pals!  😎 

4 thoughts on “How to balance work-life with blogging without adding more wrinkles on your face

  1. My days are over packed and I am starting to notice some signs of wear and tear. I love your list and am sure I will try to use it. However I think that it would be very challenging following it in full. I hope that I will be able to commit to at least half of the items on the list and am sure that they will help me find me.

    1. Sure, Kay! But don’t force doing the list at once. Allow your body to adjust as some of these need time before you can fully commit doing it a thousand times. Remember, when you force yourself doing these things, it will appear like another job not a lifestyle. So, take your time and allow some days before you can adjust. NOTE: There were times I can’t do some of these because of my work demands, but I’m doing my best doing them without really forcing myself. Make these your lifestyle, not another job. 🙂

  2. I love this! Self care is so important but it’s so easy to forget that some of these little things count as self-care and are important to prioritize. Pinned this to come back to as a reminder for myself 🙂

    1. Hey! I’m really glad this post helped you a lot. We’re totally overloaded with different tasks or obligations in a week. So, negative stress is expected. We also know that wrinkles come from there. I’ve learned my lesson in the most difficult way possible. That’s why, I’m sharing this post to you and to everyone who needs it. I’m thankful this post helped you. 🙂

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