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How to fight creative block, get up, and rule the world

Have you experienced  getting stuck at something? Are you getting crazy thinking how to fight creative block over and over again? Do you feel senseless, hopeless, and direction-less as a blogger?

I experience these things for a while now. Proof of such negating experience is my incapacity to update this blog for a month now. At this point, I’m totally being honest with you.

Being a blogger requires a lot of time. I am not blaming my full-time job for my blogging neglect at all. It’s my incapability to set priorities and balance my time to tweak something here and to share a word with you.

I severely regret that. I’ve been questioning for countless times what to do next for Bitchy Chicken. My fiance, too, is extremely busy with full-time work.

I feel so lost and terrified.

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Regardless how others deny this feeling, but being pointless is the greatest fear among bloggers. I tell you that. Even the greatest blogger you know suffers the same thing albeit they won’t tell you that.

The point is, it’s totally difficult to do these big things at once given that a day is only set for 24 hours. If it sounded crazy to extend it to 36 hours, why not just to complete everything I have to do.

In the previous months, I completely delved with SEO and stuff like that. Afterwards, I felt lost. It’s weird but the feeling is too strong to deny.

After series of meditation for the past few weeks, I realize I fell in a trap I dug myself. I bury myself in my own graveyard in some sense. I believe other bloggers experience this, too.

Rather than writing what we have in mind, we tend to think if this works or not. Over and over again. That lead me to the conclusion of not writing anything, not even a single word.

What’s worse is it’s recurring. It won’t stop.


How to fight creative block: Know the key ingredients ASAP!

To conquer creative block, one must learn the two key ingredients to fulfill the desires of Freddy Krueger.

  1. Fear
  2. Overthinking

If these two were present in your mind right now, you’re on the sweet spot. You’re the most favorite meal among sharks in the ocean. You’re an apple of the eye to take advantage to. You’re an asset for destruction.

If both of these remained in your mind and heart in the present, you are in danger, frankly speaking. You won’t succeed at anything or you won’t get any lean meat of everything you do.

Not even your passion on something will work if fear and over-thinking remained active in your lives. As a blogger like I am, it’s the same secret sauces for destruction.

Our businesses will fail, and most likely our lives will be pointless in shortest time possible. It is because we constantly embraced fear and our irrational thoughts.


Final thoughts

You need to get up and start what you have planned. It doesn’t matter if you want try sewing, crocheting, writing, blogging, so on.

All you need to do is to start doing it although you don’t feel like it. Just do it. That’s all. Never allow fear and over-thinking conquer your creative mind.

If you continued embracing them, you’ll suffer. For sure. I learned this lesson the hardest way possible. I almost abandoned our blog and our business we started.

With that, I felt too guilty. But rather sobbing, I rather start writing and updating like how we originally have in mind.

Do the same. You’ll see the difference. Always remember that fear and over-thinking are the most powerful secret sauces to make a great and stunning ground zero of your life.

Never let that happen. Learn how to fight creative block and start grinding. God bless you, pals!

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