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Mind-Blowing Ways To Find Your Blog Niche Using Bullet Journaling

What and how should I narrow down what my blog is about and how do I know what my audience needs or who my audience is? – Thays, Silly Crazy Me

Do you have same problem like her?

Do you have problems with finding your blog niche? You have a lot of troubles connecting your different interests because they seem unrelated at all?

Are you scared that you scare off people driving them away because they find you non-expert about your blog? Are you terrified or anxious thinking what could be your possible business opportunity with your niche-less blog?

Do you find yourself devoid from motivation because you can’t find yourself anymore whenever you blog about something? I bet you are sweating a lot when you start writing because you don’t know where your post is leading to. You’re having headache most of the time. You don’t know where your blog is concerned about and you have no idea what your blog is about.

Above all these concerns, this question may scare you a lot or probably, make you more anxious.

Do you find it frustrating when you can’t fix your about page? 

If you are about to cry right now, I bet you’re thinking, “Oh, Mecyll, I’m in this situation right now, what should I do? Do you have tips or strategies I could to help me? I badly need to fix my blog!”

Stick to this post, pal, and I’ll help you out.

Are you confused with your blog? You don't know your audience? If you're having troubles with finding your blog niche, learn how I do it before I finally found my specific niche in my current blog right now. Read this post or re-pin to save for later. #blogging #bujo #bullet #journaling #blog #niche


I’ve always seen comments like these on niche down process on other popular blogs out there. Most of them have problems with discovering their blog niche. Many of them are struggling with how they could narrow their focus for their blog so they can concentrate on something and explore more on that niche.

I was there when I started blogging in 2011 on Blogger and last in WordPress. I recklessly started blogging without thinking about anything I could write about. I just spent hundreds of dollars for everything for no clear direction at all. I was in a situation when I was thinking about my about page, I could not clarify what I’m here for or what kind of niche could I do for the site.

These questions kept running in my head for several months until such time I asked myself, “Did I just waste a lot of money for nothing?” It was terrible. I felt frustrated and depressingly stressful. Yes, depressingly. I suffered more of my depressive episodes last year. You can’t even imagine what I went through. Honestly, I had series of suicidal thoughts because of overthinking of my possible failures. Again. *sobs*

It was the most terrifying episodes of my life with no direction, hopeless, depressed. I was in a situation where my family is in deep financial trouble adding to my pressure.

I wasn’t able to concentrate which affected my blog. My fiancé decided to put this site up. With him, I have accountability and a huge commitment to be focused. Every process I did will be included here with all awesome freebies for you!

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Blog niche down process takes huge compromises!

You find it discouraging to compromise one interest for the other. You want to include everything because anyway your blog is about you. I understand you want your audience to know more about you and how you are as a pet lover and incredibly passionate about DIY while you’re on an extreme intermittent fasting.

But, you should consider your audience. What do they want from you? What do they need from you? When they land to your blog, what’s the first thing you want them to know about you? What knowledge or field of expertise you want them to learn from you? If you’re offering services, what particular service are you offering to them?

These are essential questions you need to reflect to dissect your blog niche. Make it sure it doesn’t compromise your interest as well. Make sure this focus for your blog is something you know about it a lot. You can talk about it for 10,001 times.

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I know it’s overwhelming to tell you about that. But I know some of you have an audience in mind but still confused with what’s trending right now. You want a focused niche that is also profitable enough for a business.

Yeah, heck yeah, that’s for sure. Every niche is profitable as long as you assured your audience you’re an established blogger who’s expert talking about this niche over and over again without a doubt.

For a beginner like you are now, I’m recommending a journal with you and start writing your big thoughts. In this post, I’ll teach you how you can find your blog niche using the Ultimate BuJo Power! Yoooooo!

BuJo stands for bullet journaling. It’s basically a list of specific thoughts, ideas, tasks, assignments derived from the main point, idea, or goal. According to Ryder from, the sole purpose of creating bullet journaling is to keep everyone organized in their tasks with no thinking about why they need to do it.

When you have organized your week, your life will be simpler and easier. It doesn’t even how it looks or how simple it is or colorful the pages are as long as the good feeling is present, it’s all fine.

“Though I advise starting out simple, if spending the time to embellish your Bullet Journal motivates you and brings you joy, then you’re doing it right. If you look forward to coming back to your book and feel like it’s your ally, then you’re doing it right.

Don’t be intimidated by what you see out there. It’s less about how your book looks, and more about how it makes you feel. The longer you use it, the more helpful it should become.

If that’s not the case, then it’s time to ask yourself why. But don’t despair- there are so many flavors out there to explore- experiment, find what works for you, then you’re Bullet Journaling the right way,” Ryder says.

How to find your blog niche using BuJo?

When you are a beginner, you usually come across huge ideas from expert bloggers. They will tell you big information which may or may not be absorbed by your brain cells in the moment. Through bullet journaling, it’ll help you to chunk your ideas or an idea from your expert blogger you’re following to small bits to prevent you from overwhelming.

Kara from suggested 12 ways you can do for your BuJo if you don’t have any idea how to do it. Any of the 12 suggestions can be applicable to this activity (finding your blog niche) as long as the niche down process can be effective to you.

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To start, have your journal with you and do the following steps IN ORDER.

This is the exact process on how I arrived to my blog niche I exactly wanted for the blog. I used bullet journaling process to arrive to what I'm blogging right now. If you want more information on how I exactly do this or at least have an idea how you can possibly do that, read this post. #bujo #bullet #journaling #blog #niche #blogging

1. Knowing myself more than expected.

When choosing your blog niche, make sure you have to delve on what your strengths, weaknesses, interests, goals, hobbies, aspirations, so on. Using your bujo, you can do a list on these different areas to know more on what you really want for your blog without compromising your wants.

2. Recognizing my goals and aspirations.

In this part, you need to be super duper honest. You have to create a list of your huge reasons why do you want to blog. For sure, you’re raising your hands and shouting “For the gold!” or “Mecyll, I’m blogging to earn more income from my craft shop and drive more traffic to my Etsy shop!”

You have tons of reasons to write in your journal entry. I did this in a plain list, but it’s an awesome experience for me. Take note, what the difference between goals and aspirations?

Goals are something you want to do or achieve like in the next two to three months. On the other hand, aspirations are higher than goals like a level of career or financial fulfillment. Something like that.

3. Realizing my blog avatar.

What the heck is a blog avatar?

I got this idea from John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneurship On Fire, who uses a blog avatar to evaluate the steps or strategies to do for this blog. It’s also the same basis to say yes or no to a guest blogger and so on. It’s like the human persona or a personified blog.

Kate from described your blog avatar as “a single person who embodies your perfect audience member and/or audience.”

In this site, our blog avatar is Aleks. She is the human Bitchy Chicken. She is the person I’m looking at whenever I decide on what post I should prepare, what solution could I provide to her concerns, etc.

If you’re new to this idea. It’s really fun doing this at the same time making your blog clearer. To do that, you need to create a list of the following:

  • Her work, business, or major (if your blog avatar is in college)
  • Demographics
  • Interests (What does she want to learn or to achieve, so on)

4. Realizing my blog avatar’s needs.

If you were able to identify the human form of your blog avatar in the previous list you created in your bujo, you need to know her concerns as well.

What are her problems? What’s going on with her? Is she frustrated? Why? In this section, you need to create a bullet list of the following to complete the process of creating your blog’s human form. Below is an example of how you can do the same like I did for this site.

  • Problems, issues, concerns
  • Your offered solutions

Final Thoughts

Discovering your blog niche takes a lot of process of meditation, reflection, journaling, compromising, and commitment. When you set your niche and consider it as your final focus for your blog, you need to stick to it for lifetime. It’s like marrying to this niche like you said yes to your husband’s proposal to marry you.

You have these sets of requirements or standards he need to pass for you to decide he’s the one for you. It’s the same with blogging. When defining your focus for your blog and to learn more of your target audience, you have these standards where all your decisions are based for the growth of your site.

Always remember when you have a specific niche, you begin to present yourself an authority to your audience than having lots of topics to cover.

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For example, in this site, I’m talking about how to focus your creative blog since Aleks needs it. And because she’s a crafter, she needs help to establish herself as a creative blog to help increase her clients to her craft shop.

In Entrepreneurship On Fire, they based every content for their blog, audio blog, podcast, physical products, courses to what Jimmy, their blog avatar, needs. You can also create something like this based from your bullet points,

“My avatar is 32. Her name is Melissa, and she is a writer. She’s been wanting to start a blog for months now, but she doesn’t know where to start. She’s a good writer, but she could really use some help on how to structure and format a blog post – plus, she’s not really sure what exactly she wants to write about most of the time.

She is working part-time and earning her graduate degree online, so she’s usually studying up on how she can start her blog on the weekends. Melissa lives with her boyfriend and they both want to travel more, hate their jobs and don’t make enough money.”

Below is the paragraph about Aleks, Bitchy Chicken’s avatar.

This is how we figure out our blog niche, our target audience, market, client, or customer. We used bullet journaling to list our avatar's needs as well as her entire description to put up this paragraph shown in this photo. Learn more here!

Although knowing it takes a lot of time and decision, it’s worth it. As promised, I have here the freebies I have in store for you to begin your authority to your niche.

You can download the worksheets to guide you on your niche process below. Click the image below to sign up!

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