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How to implement effective SEO in Pinterest (for beginners)

It’s been a while since I wrote something in the blog. To be honest, I’ve been working full-time as a freelance news writer for a month now. With the nature of my work, I find it difficult to balance my blogging time and my working hours.

This is really sad. *cries*

That being said, I’d like to get back to the site and work in my vacant times. I know you are busy from work, too. Learning so much stuff on the web makes it hard for you. Like me, you want to succeed in your blog, however, the blogging hours seem to hinder it.

Anyway, I’d like to take this opportunity to announce something to you. Starting this week, I won’t make lengthy posts for two reasons. First, my time won’t allow it and second, you don’t have time to read so much in one sitting because of your work and your business.

Learn how to implement effective SEO in Pinterest through easy techniques and tips I shared in this post. Say goodbye to super technical and nerve-racking hacks. Learn the basics and be consistent. Click this pin to read the entire post.

To start, I’ll talk about Pinterest for our business through our posts and share with you how it saved our site from getting stuck. You can also check our blog post series below:


Let’s begin! This post will cover the following:

  • What is SEO?
  • How can you implement SEO in Pinterest?
  • Final thoughts


What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization wherein it functions like your signage to Google so they can detect your site and your content. You can do that through placing keywords in your headline, your H1, H2, H3, etc., your content, your alt text, your image text, meta descriptions, and so on.

In layman’s term, it’s like a signage of a store wherein you cannot identify if it’s a store and what they sell if they don’t place a name on top of their shop. You can’t determine what they are selling without their posters outside or offers printed on their glass doors.


How can you implement SEO?

You can implement SEO through placing keywords. That’s all. It doesn’t matter you rely on Google indexing, and other social media algorithms. For Pinterest, it’s the same. You place keywords on your pins, your pin description, your alt text.


How can you implement effective SEO for Pinterest?

I have here simple steps you can do to start with improving your blog traffic through Pinterest. Make sure you do them constantly and with utmost consistency. Always remember that Pinterest users doesn’t mind about pin designs, but the content itself.

What can you do to improve your site traffic through this creative search engine?

  1. When you save your pins to your PC, keep the keywords on your headline which is obviously your blog post title as a file name.
  2. Make sure your headline is straightforward, compelling, and strong.
  3. When you upload images via WP media, keep the keywords as your image title. Keep the keywords on the alt text section of your images.
  4. When placing alt text, make sure it’s already ready for pinning. Which means your alt text serves as your pin descriptions. So, keep in mind what descriptions you’ll place in your pins.
  5. When you finally embed your images in your blog posts, make sure you have installed Pinterest buttons to make it easier for your users to save your image to their Pinterest accounts.

Repeat these steps. Eventually, traffic will grow in time using Pinterest. Albeit uncertainty of its outcomes in 24 hours, allow a week of observation to see the full effect of the implemented SEO in your pins and blog post.


Final Thoughts

In Bitchy Chicken, we maintained this simple but effective SEO system for some time now. Although we don’t have much time to tweak something in our blog, the traffic keeps going. In your case, allow Pinterest to detect your keywords in their indexing and pin consistently.

If you work hard and manage to do the system with consistency, eventually, your traffic will grow as well your audience. This may sound simple but never underestimate its power. Do it now and you’ll the outcome.

If you like this post, feel free to share it with your friends and family who are currently struggling with improving their traffic. We’d really appreciate it. Thanks a lot, pal! God bless!  😛 



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