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How To Install Rich Pins With One Easy Tweak And Increase Traffic

Learning how to install rich pins sound really techie and you’re not. So, you’re scared tweaking your site.

You don’t have any idea how Pinterest can help you standout as a small creative business owner. You’re curious how to install rich pins though you’re non-techie seller.

You have heard a lot of testimonials from people around Facebook groups, Twitter, or elsewhere in social media talking about how Pinterest has helped them build authority as a business owner.

You want to standout from the noisy crowd to increase exposure of your handmade products both physical and digital through attractive pins. You have placed them in your blog posts yet you neither have the knowledge how this really works.

For those who don't want to deal with coding, HTML, CSS when enabling rich pins in your site, this post is for you. In this post, I'm teaching you how to install rich pins in one easy tweak. Plus, a video walk through and a free checklist to boost your Pinterest profile impressions, audience engagement, and site activity within 7 days. Click this pin to read the post or repin for later. #blogging #richpins #tips #installing #blogtraffic @Pinterest

You researched and found out you need to install some HTML coding to your site so Pinterest can detect your site with rich pins. Say whaaaaaat? 😯

Yes, HTML. You say, “But, Mecyll, I don’t know how to edit HTML or any coding to my site. I don’t have the knowledge to tweak something in my site CSS. I’m scared I’ll break some codes and will damage my blog or my shop.”

You have all these worries in mind. Yes, I understand. That was me when I tried tweaking something on our site months ago.

Well, I read all other articles telling do this and that. But neither of them told me you can actually easily enable the rich pins with one SUPER EASY tweak.

Before we go deeper in this post, I’d like you to download the checklist I’ve created for you to boost your Pinterest performance in 7 days like we did (with 129.67% higher than usual) through the strategies included in the freebie we’ll give you.

By enabling your rich pins in the site plus working on the strategies I included in the checklist will boost your blog traffic and Pinterest audience engagement 129%. Download the checklist below.

Download your free 5-page workbook + checklist

How to install rich pins anyway?

I have created a video walk through for you to see visually how we exactly did when we enable the rich pins in Bitchy Chicken. We did the same in the blog and in the shop.

In the video, I thoroughly explained in step-by-step process how you can activate the rich pins without editing something from your site. Let Pinterest detect the information they needed for you.

Before validation, check what Pinterest needs from you! 

Pinterest needs to have the required information needed in your site before they approve your application for rich pins activation.

You need to check the following if you have before validating your site with apt images as your rich pins.

  • Pin image
  • Title of your site
  • Meta data
  • Your Pinterest business account

If you have these, Pinterest will approve your request in seconds through email if it’s your first time.

To explain further, see the video below and learn how to install rich pins from your blog and your online shop and start pinning smart in Pinterest, the #1 powerful weapon in content marketing.


Watch how to install rich pins in one easy tweak here!

Final Thoughts

Pinterest has becoming the most powerful tool for content marketers to increase exposure of their services to their target audience. That being said, small creative business owners should also take advantage of this booming strategy.

The reason why people love this search engine compared to Google is it’s visual. Photography tricks as seen in their attractive pins with compelling titles convince pinners to pin and see the content behind the pin.

If you’ve written an article about your product, this is way more effective to showcase the behind the scenes on how you created the product through images you included.

The same way if you have offers, freebies, or latest products or blog posts to show to them, too.

One way to gain traction from your potential customers is your photography skills. You don’t have to be a pro but you need to observe how pros do it in their photos why they are clickable compared to others or yours if you have pinned some.

Tip! Tip! Tip! White background or bright images are far more appealing in the eyes of the pinners when it comes to products.

Plus, if you’ve created a sequence images or like DIY step-by-step tutorial on something you create in an image form, they are much more effective. Tons of strategies can be done through Pinterest.

For more photography tips, see the following posts:

All you need to do to boost your pinning performance so your audience and your potential clients will notice you is learning how to install rich pins in your site to establish authority to them and by Pinterest as well.

Here’s the checklist one again, in case if you changed your mind. Click the image to download your free checklist.

Remember to watch the video to enable the rich pins from your site before applying the strategies packed in the checklist.

If I made myself clear to you, then go back to work.  😎

Download your free 5-page workbook + checklist

If you find this post a knowledge bomb, kindly share this post to your family and friends who are struggling in their pinning. Let them learn how to use Pinterest well through the tips included here by clicking the social media icons on the left sidebar. Thanks a lot, pals! Godspeed!  🙂 

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