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How to make handmade journal from scraps as DIY gifts

I’m stoked with the new project I did recently, wherein I collected some scrap cloths and created a cool looking project. I planned to create another version of the handmade journals which I haven’t tried doing so far.

In this post, I’ll share with you how to make handmade journal from scraps as DIY gifts for your friends and family without spending much. You don’t have to do the exact steps I did. Use your creative gut feeling to create your own version of handmade journal from scrap materials around your home.

Let’s begin!
Want to give something extra special this holiday season? Learn how to make handmade journal from scraps as DIY gifts for your family and friends. Click here to see post!


To start, you need the following materials for the project:

  • Sewing machine
  • scraps of cloth
  • pins and cushion
  • Pellon interfacing (if you’re not familiar with it, click here)
  • scissors
  • sewing needles
  • crayon / fabric highlighter / etc. for marking points
  • construction paper
  • binding string / thread (make sure it’s durable)
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • X-Acto knife 



How to make handmade journal from scraps?


Step 1: Measure the interfacing with the journal size you want

For my project, I like to have it in 23 cm x 14 cm. Cut the marks you made into four pieces. So, all in all, you need to have four pieces of Pellon interfacing cut along the measured lines you marked using your fabric highlighter or crayon.


img_2487-min img_2489-min

Step 2: Place the interfacing in the cloth and cut around 1 1/2 to 2 cm from the exact measurement of the interfacing.

This will allot some space for sewing later on. To make sure your cloth won’t move around as you cut, place pins around each corner to secure the cuts. Do the same pattern for the other covers.



Step 3: When you’re done with the four covers (2 for the front covers and another 2 for the back covers), make sure to sew them in place. 

If you’re finished sewing the four pieces of interfacing to its attached cloth, lie each sewn cover with the back part facing together. That will allow the front part seen and ready for another sewing. Pin these corners before sewing. Fold the extra cloth like in the photo and place beneath and pin them to make sure they’re in place. 



Step 4: Once all pinned, make sure the folded cloth is in correct place before sewing them. 

Be careful or else your hand will be sewn, too! And also, make sure you run the sewing machine around 1/2 from the edge using any of the simple stitches you like. 



Step 5: After all the covers are sewn, use a big needle to make holes from these covers and your journal pages. 

Before doing so, practice Coptic stitch binding first with Sea Lemon to familiarize the binding method I used for my handmade journal. See her tutorial here.


In my handmade journal, I made a 2-cm distance from both edges before I measured 2 cm in between the holes. I used the same pattern for the rest of the journal pages stacked by five pages.

Moreover, I also used the same method as Sea Lemon’s binding technique to bind all the journal pages to the sewn cloth covers.


Here’s how my handmade journal from scraps look like! Tada!





Final Thoughts

I’m really happy how my handmade journal from scraps turned out. I love creating handmade journals. In fact, they’ve been my obsession since I was a young kid. I used to buy notebooks and make my own at times. At a young age, I even made my notebook because my parents didn’t have money to buy more. 

By then, practicing the value of resourcefulness was my option to have a notebook to write on. I used the extra pages of my used notebooks and joined them to make a new one. I used colorful yarns and colorful covers to make my upcycled notebook stunning looking.

With my obsession to notebooks, I once tried selling them. Unexpectedly, many bought and appreciated them. I loved that feeling. But I stopped because of some reasons. I will share those with you in our next post. Stay tuned, pals!  🙂


Have you enjoyed this project? If you did the same project, feel free to show photos or links of your blogs or social media accounts and share your wonderful handmade journals with us. You may also link us in our Instagram account @bitchychicken to share your projects! 

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