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How To Search For An Amazing Gift Without Disappointing Your Partner

I want to give her an amazing gift for her birthday but I don’t know what she wants. Can I give her this? Would he be pleased if I give him that?

These phrases are heard every time they think about what gift they could give to their loved ones on special occasions, on Valentine’s Day, on birthday, for example. Though it might sound too simple to resolve, it often causes us overwhelming stress.

If you want to please your partner with your gifts you give, you need to consider her interests, hobbies or the nature of her work. Perhaps, she is a graphic designer. What necessary materials does she need to perform her job well? What kind of material you think she uses every time at work?

For a graphic designing work, she needs a designing software with all the functions needed for her designs. She’ll appreciate that much more. She also need a nice mouse pad.

Pin image How to search for an amazing gift without disappointing your partner

Your amazing gift should be something that sparks her interest

To add more value to your gift, you also need to consider searching for a handmade gift for her. If she’s a graphic designer, you can search for a customized mouse pad or planner for her overwhelming tasks. At least, you can help her manage work faster if she has them.

In my case, my wife-to-be is a writer. Obviously, she likes notebooks, journals and pens just like the other writers. These are the most needed things for them. In fact, she is totally obsessed with them. She told me several times wherein she doesn’t know why she keeps on buying them though she already has enough of them at home. Yet, she explained it’s uncontrollable. She just loves them.

From that, I already have an idea what kind of gift I could give to her. She likes handmade writing-related items. My plan is to make her a handmade pen which I will create myself. It will be her first handmade pen to use. I will be using a block of wood for the body and the pen kit I bought years ago to assemble the parts.

Below is an acrylic pen I gave to my sister, Elke, during her birthday last September 2012. It was also the last time I created pens. After this gift, I wasn’t able to create more of them since my priorities weren’t pen making at that time.

Bitchy Chicken amazing gift handmade pen made september 2012 for my sister

After three years, I created another one last year. This time, the handmade pen will be made from wood which will be given to my wife-to-be. But when I was making the pen, I realized there are many errors in finishing the body. Though it was already okay for her because she’s already seen it, I still don’t want to give that to her. I will make her another pen I’m proud of. Not just another crappy pen.

Bitchy chicken amazing gift handmade pen for my gf

As you see in the photo, the mistakes are visible. The pen body has a rough surface and the tip feels uncomfortable when touched. The tip is the most touched part of the pen since this is where a person holds the pen. For the next pen, I will show how I do the entire process for my next handmade pen, as well as, how it would look like to my next post.

Final thoughts on giving an amazing gift for her

In general, my tip for you to please your partner — whether she’s your girlfriend, fiancee, or wife — is to observe her.

Check what interests her more. From there, you will know what amazing gift you could give to her without disappointing her. If you got a handmade gift like I do have for my wife-to-be, she’ll appreciate that much more. I guarantee you that.

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