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How to Sell on Etsy

Ah! I really want to sell my [item] internationally. But, I don’t know how to sell on Etsy.

Does this sound familiar?

Many of us want to sell our handmade stuff on Etsy regardless of their nature whether it’s an artwork or a hand painted bag, so on. This is because Etsy has millions of visitors every single day. In fact, it became a benchmark or a well-known platform for international online business.

What I mean is when you want to showcase your new handmade bag abroad, the first thing you think of is Etsy.

When you want to buy a nice handmade Midori traveler’s notebook, the first thing in mind is Etsy.

The list of scenarios goes on.

As a handmade craftsman myself, I understand the “thing” behind Etsy and why it became so popular to the buyers and sellers alike. Normally, we like to have a wide range of buyers (in a seller’s point of view). For the buyers, there are varied categories of items they could impulsively purchase.


Learn how to sell on Etsy through the basic but overly difficult-to-stick-with tips I share with you in this post. Read this post or re-pin to regret later.


In my previous post, according to Alexa, Etsy is one of the top 100 shopping platforms in the world and #49 in the US alone. Further, it gained 174.20 visitors in 2016 with only 44 percent bounce rate. That means, it has obviously high engagement among the visitors which defines that many users are active when they visit this site.

High engagement = high potential purchases = high potential income

That simple.


So, how to sell on Etsy?

Let me get this straight. I failed many times in my handmade journal business in the past few years and with those experiences, I’m sharing with you the basics, yet the most crucial and difficult — like testing your 200% patience — phase.

If you know Naruto, you could have done Kage bunshin technique times 2, times 2, a thousand times!

Before that, I’m giving away a PDF version of the post “How to Setup Your Etsy Shop” containing everything you want to know about opening your Etsy shop and succeed creatively online.


Decide your shop logo.

Make sure your logo speaks your items you’re selling. Don’t just design just because you like it, but it speaks loudly what you’re trying to offer to your clients. If it’s a design studio, show it on your logo. If you’re selling handmade sweater, show it. Make it obvious for your clients.


take nice photos.

The key is you have to know the basics of photography to present your items well and proper. I don’t have to expand about this in words. Rather, the video I’m going to share below will tell you everything. Listen to the tips very carefully and apply them religiously.


Learn SEO basics.

I mean the white SEO. Not black. Not gray. White.

What I’m trying to say is you have to learn the correct, proper SEO techniques in your listings. This is your weapon in the search results. If you’re not familiar with SEO, it means Search Engine Optimization.

If you still don’t get it, it’s like telling your buyers ‘Hey! I’m here! I’m selling [your item] I know you like!’ in the search engine.

You can read the entire post about it here:

How to setup your Etsy shop [Updated]


Learn to use social media.

Many sellers utilize the power of Facebook groups, pages, Instagram, and Pinterest. This is because they are visual platforms. They can offer features that will allow you as a craftsman to share, to showcase, and to attract buyers with the photos you take.

That’s why you have to go back to my first tip — take nice photos — to succeed in this tip. You don’t have to worry about being an amateur photographer because if you stick with the tips I and other sellers gave, you will master it over time.

Were you informed that the captions, posts, or descriptions needed in Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are also part of the SEO process?

Yes? Great.

No? Then, thank me. *wink*

If you have ignored or didn’t bother fill your descriptive words in these areas, then do review them now.

These SEO-attractive keywords are shown on the Instagram posts particularly on the tags (hashtags), Facebook on the tags (hashtags), and the words on posts, and Pinterest in the description below the image.

Another area you should not ignore is the photo name in your PC or laptop where the image is saved. Let’s say your item is Midori traveler’s notebook. When you save that image, you have to name it with the keyword. This will be more searchable than IMG-3049 or 2472309794739575927492742324397-p. You know that lengthy code-ish name. *grin*


Be a “human” seller. duh!

When you sell, you need to be human. When someone asks you about your item no matter how stupid that inquiry is, you have to answer that person. If you think that person is an idiot because he/she failed to read your description, breathe in and out, answer that question.

Be human.

Be patient.

Be a seller.


Know the Etsy policies on selling.

Be informed with the imposed taxes and other extra payments before you add stocks in your shop. Read them religiously. Seriously.

FYI, Etsy will get 3.5% transaction fee from each item once it’s sold. And when you use PayPal as a mode of payment, approximately $5 is taken away. I experienced this when my client paid last time after I issued an invoice.

That means, my next point.


Learn how to price your item.

Master this formula:

Item price x 3.5% (Etsy) = [answer] + item price + $5 (transaction fee via PayPal)


For example,

$10 (item price) x 3.5% (Etsy fee) = $10.35 + $5 (PayPal fee) = $15.35 = $15.40 or $16

You round it off. It’s up to you if you want to sell it for $15.40 or $16.


Another thing is the shipping. You have to know the shipping fees in regular, registered, or expedite shipping. Contact your local shipping couriers about this.


Final Thoughts

It’s not easy to sell online, especially on Etsy. But if you stick to these basic but very fundamental tips I gave, you’ll master the tricks on selling more and succeed in this business.

Learning how to sell on Etsy won’t be an overnight process, however, if you’re consistent and determined to prosper in this e-commerce website, you’ll surely achieve it.

Like I said, be patient.


Do you want to have a printed version of this post? I’m giving an epic PDF version of the post “How to Setup your Etsy Shop” containing everything you want to know about opening your first Etsy shop and succeed creative online.



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If you have additional thoughts about how to sell on Etsy shop, kindly share them in the comment section below. Thank you, folks! God bless you all! *wink*


Photo credit: Brooke Cagle/Unsplash

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