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How To Start A Blog In 10 Minutes: Be Mighty Through Successful Strategies For A Profitable Blog eBook And A Well-Defined Niche

It sounds easy, right?

You would come to say, “Come on, Mecyll! I know what’s blogging. You said it on your post, I can make it within 10 minutes, right?” Yeah, we can make it within some minutes. But it’s just setting the site up. We aren’t talking about the content yet. Not even a pinkie of the whole blogging world.

Blogging needs a lot of time — I mean loads of it. From how to start a blog to how to maintain a powerful blog. Everything revolves around it is stressful. If you don’t have the amount of passion needed to have a consistent power and might when spreading a message to the world, you aren’t fit here. If you don’t have the commitment required like you’re a natural quitter, you better not start anything and rather do something else more pleasurable to you.

“Hey, what kind of commitment are you talking about?”

Commitment is like writing at least 1,300 words to 3,000 words in one blog post.

Commitment is when you’re working around 100 hours per week to make your blog run.

Commitment is when you’re spending more time collaborating with other bloggers and maintain rapport all the time.

Commitment is when you’re able to reply to hundreds of comments in your blog with professional attitude although you’re already so tired.

Commitment is when you learn graphic designing although you’re not.

Commitment is when you start learning social media marketing and all kinds of marketing though you aren’t even a business major (like me!).

Commitment is when you do the work only the passionate and the most dedicated persons could ever do!

That’s the commitment you need to make your new site work, pal! This ain’t just about fun but seriously fun while earning something. This is fun.

Fun is when you can afford the lifestyle you dream, you desire, you want since you were wrapped with financial bankruptcy. Fun is when you can smile seeing your family in comfortable house and buying them a new car through your new site’s earnings. Fun is when you see your children having fun together in a park without really worrying if you will have a home to return to the next day.

This is the real fun. Yet, it won’t come to you today if you define fun with your own pleasure. That pleasure of staying within your comfort zone with no plans of taking risks for your loved ones and for yourself and for your future family.

Do you want to fulfill that dream? that real fun you want?

“Gosh, Mecyll, a hell big YES!”


If you want to take serious with it and give it a try, you can start setting up the site within 10 minutes. Remember, this is only the site. I always say this again and again, it’s not yet the content.

Before setting these up, you need to have a niche. When talking about a niche, it’s the focus of your blog. I bet you don’t know this yet and you don’t have any single idea what the hell I’m talking about. If you want to discover your niche before setting up the site, click here to enroll to my upcoming free course. On the other hand, if you already have a clear niche in mind, you can proceed to the following 10-minute step to set your blog up.

How to start a blog within 10 minutes with a clear #niche and #blog profitability. Know the first-hand experiences that lead me to uncover the secrets of a successful blogging venture (with free #course + affordable #ebook inside!)


How To Start A blog: Here’s What You Need:

#1 You need to search for a good site domain and site.

Your site should at least contain the lean meat of your niche to give your audience an idea on what you will be talking about in your blog. Let’s say, your niche is about fitness and wellness or about a healthy lifestyle, your site name should reflect it. For example, from the mentioned niche, your site name could be:

  • so on!

There can be thousands of variations when it comes to your site name. Always remember your audience. Give them an idea on what you will offer them (blog posts, information, services) reflected on your site name. However, this can be optional if you really don’t know what you want just yet.

To buy a web package for domain and hosting, I only recommend two services you can choose from. Click on the images to visit site. 

NameCheap logo




I personally use NameCheap for my previous site with a good price of less than $70 for the package. Plus, they have superb customer service! They immediately take care of your concerns on the spot. Issues are always resolved when you called them. If you opt for BlueHost, influencers highly recommends this company, too. They’re also affordable for beginner bloggers like you. With Bitchy Chicken site, we use Alfahosting service (based in Germany). Search for their services and study them carefully before buying the package.

#2 Install WordPress (dot org) on your web hosted domain.

Take a look on your web hosting provider on their instructions to get access on the cPanel. Get in to the cPanel and install WordPress to the domain.

#3 Choose your “temporary theme.”

If you are a beginner and you still don’t have a custom made site from a hired web designer, you can choose your temporary theme for the mean time. There are loads of themes available online. As far as we have experienced, we have this top 5 list of theme providers that are free and awesome (based from experience).

If you want to have free themes from WordPress, you can also do that. However, there are some of them who are in basic plan. That means, you need to upgrade to their Pro version to have full access to its features. Using the installed themes are also great option as well.

Before installing the themes on your site, make sure these are free. In case of the need to upgrade to a Pro version, you need to see its features first before buying the whole theme. If you think this theme you are about to buy for some bucks is apt for your niche, then go. Grab the theme and install.

How to start a blog post use WordPress dot org free themes

#4 Delete “Hello World” Post and Comment

This is highly encouraged for new bloggers. Delete the pre-made posts and comments for security purposes.

#5 Make your first post!

Yehey! Create your first 300-word post. All set!

So now, you have you newly bought site name and web host. What’s the next thing you’re going to do? You don’t know. First option, study your niche.  Second, I highly recommend you to grab a copy of Ashley’s eBook to guide on what to do for your new blog!

Learn how to make your blog a profitable business. Grab Ashley's eBook "Successful Strategies For A Profitable Blog" for a few bucks. Everything you want to know about blogging are all here. #blogging #beginnerblogger #business #blogprofit

How to start a blog: Grab Ashley from eBook, “Successful Strategies For A Profitable Blog”

If you are curious what this eBook is about, this is the handbook for beginner bloggers like you. If you want to learn more on the whole blogging arena, make sure you have this eBook in hand to keep you guided with your new venture.

By the end of this book, you will be able to:

  • Identify your Ideal Reader, and understand why he or she is so vital to the success of your blog.
  • Build your blogging authority in two parts.
  • Create incredible content that does the work FOR you.
  • Build your audience in a myriad of ways.
  • Understand sales funnels and why they are important to monetization.
  • Discern what content can be automated, and what should be organic.
  • Package your products and services.
  • Create a Media Kit.
  • Identify the importance of offering free products.
  • Confidently reach out to and work with brands.
  • Future proof your blog’s success.

Final thoughts

Millions of “How to start a blog” posts have been published within the last 18 years when blogging invaded the web. A lot of them discussed how to start a blog alone. However, only a few of them could tell you that the whole blogging process is a lot of stressful work and how your thinking should be when you start a blog.

If you don’t like what you are doing right now and you think blogging is just for fun, no. If you want to earn some business for your new site, this ain’t should be your thinking. Otherwise, you’ll be lost in the woods, pal. It might be fun at the start, but if you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll feel frustrated and much more stressed later on.

There are clear reasons why a lot of blogs die every day (including my previous blogs). First, you don’t know yourself, your “real” interests including your clear intentions of putting up the site. Second, you don’t know your niche or your target market. To whom are you talking to? You don’t know your audience. Third, you don’t know how to make your new site profitable for an obvious reason. You don’t have a niche.

Taking your new blog seriously is a big step. Conquer it and make yourself heard among the crowd. Remember, the entire blogosphere is crowded and noisy. Make yourself stand out from them. Find a niche and discover your blog profitability. 

Are you ready? Yes?

Let’s do it.

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