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How I Remained Focused My Creative Blogging Life Amid Personal Crisis (Learn How To Overcome Your Blogging Stress + Free Journaling Course!)

Discouraging, isn’t it?

Yes, for a creative blogger like you, having creative block is an upsetting experience. You keep on re-reading your mission-vision statement you created weeks ago.

It is inevitable to have these encounters for creatives. It doesn’t matter what particular area you are involved. You may be a graphic designer, a DIY or craft blogger, an art blogger, so on as long as you are in this arena. After all, we are all using creativity to make things possible on the web.

When you are experiencing creative block, the first thing we do is staring in our planned tasks for the week or month but we don’t realize the whole point of doing all of them. You don’t have clarity of your goal in bird’s eye view. The tendency is we keep on reading our mission-vision statement we created for our blogs.

In my previous post, I talked about how creatives like us neglect the power of meditative writing and how it helps us to prevent creative blocks and emotional distractions. I also talked about the importance of zen brought by creative writing. I mean loads of them.

We are blogging most of the time. We are working on our laptops for at least 8 hours a day. For small blogs like I am working on in the moment, this is my reality. I am doing the work — all of them — for this blog. From content, design, crafts, etc. My fiance is managing our online shop, on the other hand.

However, my disorganized thoughts lead me to a blurry vision of every task I do. This is the reason why I journal my thoughts, jot them down to my notebooks. After I do so, it miraculously creates a satisfied feeling. While writing this post, I took a break while writing the first few paragraphs to journal. 😀

How I remained focused in my creative blogging life amid personal crisis + #free #course included. Learn how I overcome my personal demons, struggles, depressive episodes while blogging. It's hard to tame my personal issues when I blog at times. But I don't want my personal problems affect my blogging venture especially that drive to strive more. Although frustrations try to block my determination, yet, with my effective strategies done, I was able to surpass those issues. Learn how to do it + free upcoming course to build your authority as a blogger. Click here to read the entire post or re-pin to save for later. #blogging #creative #focus #self

Without Learning The Zen of Craft Blogging You’ll Die!

This is the reason why I highly encourage craft, DIY, creative bloggers to journal. You might think, “Ugh, Mecyll, this is just for the writing niche” or “Come on, I have a lot of tasks to do today, I don’t have time to do it.” Well, you have time to make a coffee for yourself for 5 minutes, right? Why can’t you do the same with journaling?

To help you out in this situation, I crafted a free course “Journal Your Craft: Free Journaling Course For DIYers” worth $97 content. This will include modules with different objectives and activities that will help you in your meditation. The course will launch this coming April 4, Monday.

The “Journal Your Craft: Free Journaling Course For DIYers” is best for you if you are:

  • A craft, DIY, creative blogger
  • Overwhelmed with loaded tasks needed for your blogging career
  • Puzzled what creative niche you like to be consistent with your blog
  • Confused which of your 1,000 listed tasks to prioritize
  • In the worse case like you wanted to quit blogging because you feel burnt out
  • Curious about mental cleansing or mental detox and how to do it (this will be discussed in the course)

What would you expect from the free course?

  • The course contains 9 modules with different objectives and activities.
  • It also contains techniques and strategies to commit journaling even if you feel lazy doing it.
  • It also contains journaling prompts good for 90 days.
  • It also includes case studies and inspiring stories of the other pro journalers.
  • And more!

[su_note note_color=”#ead7b2″ radius=”13″]If you want to join this free course in advance, click the link below. After signing in, you will receive a confirmation link routing you to a download link of the course syllabus (overview). When you are fully subscribed, you will receive email containing all the modules when the course finally launches this coming April 4, Monday.[/su_note]
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