Launch Your Most Profitable Niche Blog And Earn $100K Every Month!

You wanted to launch your most profitable niche blog and wanted to earn as high as $100K every month. I bet you’re too desperate now and desired to hold and smell the money in your hands.

I guess that’s what you have in mind these days. You’re too stressed and anxious where to get that big amount of money and if it’s really possible to earn it.

Further, you long to influence and to make impact to the people around you. You want to prove to them that your decision, which is quite risky, is worth it.

Also, you want to show to your friends and even your family that you aren’t really crazy. You can become a millionaire.

It’s possible. Yet, it won’t be that easy.


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When we define most profitable niche blog, it requires a lot of factors to consider. But I highlight the three.


First, you need to be passionate about it.

Second, you need to have knowledge about it.

Third, you need to prepare yourself for an upgrade. What do I mean by that?

Every single day, there are millions of blogs launched and millions die.


Because there are too many bloggers around the world that are born and die. That means, you have only 5% chances to have that spotlight you needed so people will notice you.

Always take note that YOU ARE NOT THE FIRST PERSON TO BLOG ABOUT [insert niche]. So, you have to standout. You have to have an upgrade. *winks*

That alone entails a lot of technical knowledge. You know stuff like SEO, marketing, social media, promotion or advertising, PhotoShop or Canva, etc.

In short, you have to study like a whole semester of these things to ensure you know every single thing about blogging, regardless of what you’re writing. I bet there’s a blog about pens.

Think about it. Every niche you think is unique has already been overpopulated ages ago. Too crowded.

But, the interesting part is, with every blogger’s knowledge about these, they still remain krooook-krooook-krooooook. Nobody listens to them and they remain in the shadows after years.


Like I said in the third point, they prevented, lacked, or doubted their selves to get the benefits of an upgrade.

Dude, you need to level up. *winks*


Many of the bloggers take advantage most of the visual stuff like: 






Others (for the ears):

YouTube (covers, vlogs, and the like)





These are the most popular areas that most of the popular and the most profitable niche blogs are seen. You have to satisfy their five senses. You know what I mean? People have to see what you’re talking about.


If you’re a fashion blog, they need to see what you made. That means you have to get active on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

For the first two social media platforms i.e. Facebook and Instagram, you have to take advantage of the video and photo sharing.

For Pinterest, take advantage of photos with your product and your step-by-step photo tutorial about something you’re blogging about.


If you’re into podcast or music, they need to hear it. Get active on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, or SoundCloud. You’ll get a lot of listeners and fans who will subscribe to your channel and follow your whereabouts — your new songs, new compositions, etc.

The same goes with other niches — lifestyle (food, clothing, diet, health, etc.), writing (publishing, blogging, etc.), sports (re-runs of the latest fight or updates of NBA, etc.) , tech (reviews of the new gadget, etc.) and so on.

If you try to ask yourself what can you do to launch your most profitable niche blog and earn as high as $100K a month, you have to remember these basic things I said.

It’s not about what niche you have to blog about. But it’s actually about the three ingredients I will share — CAP which stands for tentententenn!!





When you are consistent sharing your blog online, there is no way people can’t acknowledge you’re there to share something. If they see you active on these social media platforms, why can’t they notice you? Even the most stupid videos get popular, right?



I got this from Napoleon Hill of “Think, Grow And Rich” book which I recently bought from National Book Store (Philippines) for Php 195.00 (approx. $4). When you want something, you have think about it twice or thrice a day. You even have to write it down on a piece of paper and read it every single day.



You can’t just blog about something you don’t really obsess. Yes, I mean it. Obsess. That’s what passion is all about. Obsession.

If you’re into gadgets and you really, really, really love talking about a thousand times without getting unexcited, you can blog about it. If not, forget about it.

Same goes with other blog niches, if you like to eat, go to food blogging. If you love dresses, go for fashion blogging. So on.

According to Jessica Knapp of Blogging Basics 101, you have to know your interests as well as your hobbies to blog. Blogging isn’t just about being popular, but to share something you really love.

She adds that you can determine them through noting your hobbies, that something you like to do during your free time, your holiday, and your lifetime.


Final Thoughts

A lot of people ask what kind of blog is the most profitable. For me, it’s not really about what kind of blog niche can make you a lot of money. But the consistency, attraction, and passion behind that success matter.

If you want to become a popular blogger, then do what it takes to become a popular blogger. Remember C. A. P. *dabs*


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Photo credit: Unsplash/Jared Weiss

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