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How To Do Easy Pencil Drawing, Sketching Like A Pro (Even Though You’re A Beginner!)

Discouraging, right?

Wondering how other master artists sketch their awesome, jaw-dropping masterpieces belittle us most of the time. Do this resonates and annoys you?

Drawing a piece of art like Mona Lisa seem to be so hard giving it injustice if we try to sketch the painting with our hands. We wanted to draw a simple rat, but we ended a not-so-clear-rat-not-even-a-cockroach-pressed-flat creature. You keep on erasing, erasing, erasing, erasing, erasing your sketch.

How to do easy pencil drawing, sketching like a pro (even though you're a beginner!) In this post, I took my first video of myself (actually just my hands) showing how to draw a simple rat. The main point of the post is how to overcome the fear of drawing and belittling self to the ability to draw. Read this post or re-pin to save for later. #drawing #sketching #pencilsketching #pencildrawing

You don’t even notice your erasers are eaten up by your almost-poo-sheet of paper without seeing the image you wanted to draw. You keep on sharpening your pencils thinking this helps the shading or tracing the lines you made for 5 hours. Well, you just consumed 3 Faber Castell pencils. They’re not that bad. Maybe.

You sigh. You cry. You sob. That’s how you feel when you try to resume sketching. You think that you don’t have any chance to draw nicely exceeding your expectations. You feel so hopeless pondering if there could be any opportunity to illustrate an image from your mind aside from an abstract tornado.

Probably, you’re already screaming at me, weeping in front of me. You would say, “Mecyll, I want to quit. Drawing is not really for me. I’m done with it!” or “It’s easy for you to say that because you have a gift to draw.”

Drawing may seem too difficult for beginners like you, however, I’ve been there, too. It’s a matter of practice developed by time. But with loads of patience, it will be mastered. Just don’t quit.

“Come on, for how long? 10 years??” I understand you’re not that patient enough to wait before you can draw a cat, right?

That’s possible! You can draw a simple cat for just a couple of minutes without wasting your erasers and leads. After this tutorial, you can draw something like this!

Bitchy Chicken Feature Simple Rat Drawing Free Coloring Sheet

You can draw this one. Sounds impossible? Don’t worry. I’ll teach you how.

What Benefits You Can Get From This Drawing Tutorial Post

You may be curious to what you can get from reading the entire post. Basically, I will teach you how to sketch simple images usually taught for beginners. You don’t have to fill your eyes with miserable awe and happy nightmares for a nicely drawn cat. I don’t need to brag every sketch I can do rather helping you to learn how to draw.

For this post, we start with two animals including the cat. As a beginner, let’s start with a mouse. I recommend starting here before moving to another set of images as you advance.

Drawing Materials To Use

  • Pencil and eraser. For drawing the rat in this post, I’m using Faber Castell Grip 2001, color gray; Faber Castell Dreieckradiergummi Grip 2001 eraser. Another good option is Staedler brands for your pencil and eraser. They are good brands I advise you to use. The ones I used were given as gifts.
  • Pigment Ink Pen (Optional). This is for final touches if you want to finalize your works. If not, it’s fine. The one below, I am using Uni Pin Fine Line, 0.5mm (Pigment Ink, Water and Fade Proof). You may also use Micron Ink Pen.
  • Drawing pad, sketching pad of any brand. I am using Best Buy! Drawing pad, a local Philippine brand. You can have your own choice. Make it sure it’s thick enough to hold the erasures you do before it creates a hole!
Optimized-Drawing materials I use for sketching
These are the drawing materials I used for illustrating.

All Set, Let’s Start Drawing!

I am showing here step by step process on how to create each image. Just check the video on how I sketch the rat and finalize the entire illustration. Below, you can also download your free coloring sheet.

How To Draw A Mouse


Final Thoughts

Drawing cannot be that bad. It’s just a matter of practice and patience to learn the skill. It takes time to learn the whole illustrating process, yet, it’s worth your while. Why the hell should you learn such anyway? Why the hell you care about sketching?

Imagine the world without determined artisans like you. It won’t be so beautiful without these people and their wondrous contributions. They craft their imaginations through ink and lead. They weren’t born with such skill. They didn’t give up. They practiced it. Later, they mastered the craft. It’s their way of expressing thoughts and endless ideas.

Think about it. You easily quit merely out from a simple discomfort. You surrender simply because you don’t have the materials required. You give up thinking you’ll never be good at it. You haven’t tried testing yourself — just yet — but you misjudged yourself too much. You easily conclude your capacities.

That’s being human. Discover your hidden skill. Be amazed with what you can possible do. Neglect overthinking. It’s definitely killing you.

Drawing helps you create another world — a world full of extraordinary and limitless imaginative ideas — you can bestow to others who needs it. The hopeless dreamers currently puzzled if there is beauty and color in life you already see.

Share it. Draw that hope. Let’s get working.


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