Pinterest for Business: Why Treat It Like Your Baby

This is Part 1 of 3 of our “Pinterest for Business” blog post series.

You may want to try how powerful Pinterest can do for your blog and your business.

You hear maybe a thousand times Pinterest for business is now considered a partner for small businesses.

You know how marketers treat this as a search engine rather than a mere social media platform.

You are wondering why.

Above all, why you should start treating it like your own baby.

When we talk about baby, you need to take care of her every single day and give much importance. From feeding her, changing diapers, so on.

It requires much patience from you. Yet, at the end, their milestones give you contentment. A lot.

Same thing with Pinterest. You need to pin (feed), to create pins from your post (changing diapers), but at the end, the growth it brings to your site makes you overwhelm.  :mrgreen:

Pinterest is great for your small business and blogs.

Why do you need to treat your own Pinterest account like your baby? Of course, you need feed your account with your awesome pins daily, help these pins to grow to give you the progress or the milestone you expected. Learn reasons, tips, on how you can grow your Pinterest account from Part 1 of 3 blog post series on Pinterest for business. #Pinterest #pins #business #blogging #tips


Pinterest can be considered as a search engine due to the following reasons:

  • It detects or corresponds to the keywords and characters determined by the user
  • It is a program that searches items related from the user’s keywords
  • It searches and functions like a World Wide Web

This social media platform does the same. It detects keywords, corresponds to the keywords, and searches items related from the characters named by the user.

Is Pinterest passable as a search engine? Heck yes! So, can we say Pinterest is a search engine? Another, heck yes!

Top search engines we use traditionally are Yahoo, Bing, and Google. The difference between these and Pinterest is that the latter uses visual images for the content, which I’d say it’s more fun than plain text.

So, what are the main points of this post?

Before we delve deeper to how Pinterest works for you, why not see the checklist we created for you to start improving your Pinterest account. Click the image to sign up and download your free printable.

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Pinterest for business infographics of Pinterest users

Pinterest solves marketing problems.

Let me tell you straight. Pinterest can be your best partner. You can use Pinterest as a content marketing tool and your personal partner for expanding your business and your blog.

You can use other social media, however, this one works best.

If you are a business owner and you create handmade products, this is best for you. If you are selling photos or you simple want to showcase your portfolio, use Pinterest, this works well, too.

In Bitchy Chicken, we are using Pinterest because of two grounds:

  • We are a blog and we need visuals to present our content;
  • We are a small business selling handmade crafts and digitally produced items both physical and not.

We’re selling handmade bags, wallets, and others while we do design T-shirts, logos, decals and car, trailer, truck stickers.

Because of these reasons, we need Pinterest to showcase our items we produce in our shop and use the same search engine to provide visually curated blog posts to help other small businesses as well.

Since February this year, just 4 months before, we are able to reach 5,400+ blog views, 1,959 sessions, 60% bounce rates. We are able to achieve this amid our super hectic schedules — full-time freelancer, etc.

Pinterest for Business image shows blog traffic screenshot June 2 2016


Pinterest is never sexist!

Many of the content marketers wonder if Pinterest is for women. Yet, what reality says is, men are getting indulged with this tool. Men bloggers and content marketers are using Pinterest for business nowadays.

Yeah, there may be more female population (reaching as high as 85%) than the men (only 15%) but it doesn’t mean men should never think they are not welcome to use this as their search engine or partner for business.

In fact, they should take this as their advantage since there are only few men who started using this tool, if they create visual content, it might have higher chances to get viral.

The reason why there are more women in Pinterest because of the niches they consider as bread and butter.

  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Home decor
  • Styling
  • Trends
  • Consumer goods & services

But, if you try to observe Pinterest right now, you don’t usually see pins limited in these niches. You can see blogging, blog traffic, woodworking, digital designing, so on.

Tons of niches can be found and can be utilized. That means to say, in every business you do, Pinterest can be your greatest asset to expand, to connect, to share, to showcase, to feature, to pin.


Download your free 5-page workbook + checklist button

Pinterest is a rising creative search engine.

I’ve explained above that this program can compete with Google, Bing, and Yahoo. In fact, in terms of search engine standards it’s already passable.

It is a search program. It identifies keywords from the users. It searches related items based from the characters decided by the users.

In visuals. Not plain texts.

This is where creativity of the content comes in. The traffic comes in when a user choose a pin. A pin is an image from your content detected by Pinterest which routes them to your site (blog, shop, course, etc.)

It’s like this:

pin >> user sees the image >> likes the image >> clicks the pin >> compelled from headline >> visits the site

Traffic! It’s in this time to impress your readers with anything you can offer to them. If you’re a shop, it’s your time to showcase your featured products. This system also applies if you’re a blog.

So, instead of searching from search bar and see plain titles and meta descriptions listed in seconds, you see lots of attractive images designed by the site owners.

You can see the personality of the blogger or the shop owner at the same time, you can see the brand story itself. This makes Pinterest for business more personal.


Final Thoughts

If you want to prove Pinterest works best for you, you can try it out. While doing so, I’m going to show the proof of our traffic.

You see below a screenshot of our Google Analytics showing site traffic referrals. When we say traffic referrals, it’s the source of your traffic.

This is our latest screenshot from our Pinterest for business blog post series for this month. Learn how to have Pinterest as your top blog traffic referral for your shop and your blog. Click this image to read the post or re-pin for later.

To re-iterate what I said, using Pinterest for business can be your best partner when it comes to boosting your shop traffic, amplifying your blog exposure, and expanding your audience all at the same time.

  • Pinterest solves marketing problems.
  • Pinterest is never sexist.
  • Pinterest is the rising “creative” search engine.

In this search engine, you can be creative by designing your own pins and describing your business through your profile and your boards.

Start treating it like your baby. Feed and change her diapers consistently. When she grows and makes progresses (her small milestones), you can’t stop smiling.  🙂

In our next post, I’ll be sharing with you how we used Pinterest to grow our business and blog through showing how you can improve your profile, your boards, and your engagement with your audience.

Did I make myself clear to you, pal? If yes, start thinking about using Pinterest for business today. See our next post for more! While waiting, you can download our free checklist below.

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