History of Bitchy Chicken

Bitchy Chicken started funny. It was a concept where both of us were joking around on how we should meet the first time after years of long distance relationship. The idea was to wear a chicken mascot with a bitchy costume while waiting for him to arrive in the airport.

The reason was we both disliked the status quo when we meet. At least, when I  welcome him, it will be a completely unique experience.  Unlike the others — bringing a huge card with a usual statement „Welcome, Mr. Blah Blah“ — are doing.

We both wanted to be unique and creative. Well, we both are. That funny concept we created two years ago, turned out to be a brand for our handmade crafts which will be showcased here.

Vision of Bitchy Chicken

Bitchy Chicken may start as a concept. However, we wanted to invite all the creative people to come and appreciate the value of handmade products. Our world may be technologically advancing, but the population needs to revive the appreciation of crafts made by hand. A piece of notebook can be reproduced thousand times by machines. Yet, the wonders of a handmade journal is incomparable. The same way the simple handmade pen can do.

We wanted to give that feeling an avenue to people. We wanted to share that passion with you as we create them. Because of that power we feel every time we create something, we want to share that with you and see yourself how a simple material can turn out to be a majestic piece of art every person can be proud of. That’s how we vision Bitchy Chicken. That’s where we look forward to.