3 reasons I banned my social media habits from my nighttime routine

Hey, folks! I’m Mecyll from Bitchy Chicken. I’m here to introduce you with our awesome guest from Berlin, Germany. Let me welcome Nico from Berlin and other Stories blog to share with us her reasons why she stopped her unhealthy social media habits.

Nico, the floor is yours!


Thanks, Mecyll!

At first, let me clarify. I am as much obsessed with social media, as the next twenty-something. I tweet, snap and insta all day long and I am not ashamed. However, a few months ago I had a few revelations that led me to ban social media from my night time routine. In this post, I want to share with you the reasons and beliefs of it all.

I hope you enjoy 🙂 .


Learn the three reasons why my friend Nico banned her unhealthy social media habits in her nighttime routine. Are you guilty of this? Read this post now.


1. Stop worrying before sleep

Like a lot of people, I have the tendency to start worrying the second I go to bed. It can go anywhere from “What am I going to wear tomorrow?” to “Is there life in outer space?”. Depending on how fired up I get this can go on for hours before I finally am calm enough to drift off to sleep.

A few months ago I started reading a book on the subway that I really got into. So one night, I decided not to do my usual social media scrolling at night and instead take my book into bed. I haven’t slept so good in years.

At first, I couldn’t quite pinpoint how this could have affected my sleep quality so much. Then I realized that a lot of the times, the worries that kept me up had originated from whatever thing I had read or seen on social media before falling asleep. With eliminating that source of anxiety, I was a lot calmer and thus sleeping way better at night.


2. One thing leads to the next

We all know how it goes. You just quickly want to check who liked your Instagram photo and next thing you know, three hours have passed and you find yourself on the Facebook page of your ex-boyfriend’s best friend’s sister. Precious time could have been spent sound asleep. But at least you know what that person-you-never-met did last Saturday.

Well, no more! I now do my friendly stalking during the day time and encourage you to do the same ;).


3. Studies show poorer sleep quality

When you really think about it, how much time do you spend on average looking at a screen? I work full-time in an office, where I pretty much stare at my computer for 9 hours straight. Before and after work, as well as in the breaks, I look at my phone at least every ten minutes. I don’t even want to add up all the time that makes. My eyes just never really get any “downtime”, unless I am asleep. Exposing them to this unnatural light until the second I close them, must be exhausting. It surely can’t be healthy.

Numerous studies have now shown, that in fact, it is not healthy. The PLOS ONE journal, in particular, published a study recently, that links the use of smartphones to sleep. According to the researchers, people using their phones around bedtime had a lower sleep efficiency and needed more time to fall asleep. So it is scientifically proven.

So here you have it. My three reasons on why I banned social media from my nighttime routine. I honestly believe that it has helped me sleep better and fall asleep faster. I dare you to try it for a week and let me know if it had any affect on you. 😉 Let me know in the comments.


About the amazing author:

Nico is a young woman from Berlin, who loves anything related to planning and organization. On her Blog, Berlin and Other Stories, she shares her experiences and advice about self-improvement and productivity. The blog is tailored for ambitious women that want to thrive in their personal and professional life.


Does Nico’s post help you a lot with your unhealthy social media habits? If yes, feel free to share this post to your family and friends who are struggling with this habit and encourage them to stop this before it’s too late. And if you have any additional thoughts on this post, share them in the comment section below. Danke, folks!  🙂

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