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151 Social Media Tools Every Small Business Owners Should Never, Ever Neglect

Warning: The complete list of social media tools you’re about to read contains overloaded tools you can use for your own small businesses and creative blogs. This might overwhelm you, pal!  😈 

Hey! Have you thought about having a complete set of social media tools you can use for your own small business? By having 151 huge load of items written here, I do care about them. A lot. 

You might have encountered a few of them while following your favorite blogger for a long time or some appeared in your Google search bar after typing “social media tools.” But, honestly, there are still hundreds of social media tools available on the web you haven’t known yet. 

To know and to acknowledge the works of the app developers out there, I’ve researched and compiled almost all of the social media tools every small business owners should never, ever neglect. I went to different influencers and resources to have this list possible.

You have 151 options to choose from. The ones market with asterisks are the social media tools we are currently using to amplify our blog and our business.

I like to be completely honest with you. Only a few of these tools I’m familiar with and tried myself. However, I’d like YOU to try them and see which of these are okay and not-okay-at-all to use as partners for your business success. 

Out of 151 social media tools listed, which is completely a big number to write, I only used around 10+ of them. But I’ll keep seeing this post to try more of these.Don’t worry, I’ll list some of my favorite tools here in our next post. But before digging in, I let you see first the 151 social media tools you MUST try.

If I combine this list with my discussion, it will COMPLETELY OVERWHELM YOU! So, have a look on these social media apps and see what works for you and not. After that, I’ll get back to you and have my thoughts on these tools in our next post. And if you have any thoughts about these list, you can leave your comments below. 

Yo, another epic post here! We've compiled 151 social media tools you can check and see what works for you and for your business or not. This post is a pre-requisite of our discussion on what social media tools we're using to boost our blog and social media engagement. Plus! Free admission to our upcoming free killer blog traffic course to launch tomorrow! Read this post or re-pin for later.

Compiled List of Social Media Tools You Can Use For Your Small Business + Blogs

Work management  Content scheduling 
Social Bro CoSchedule*
TweetDeck* Buffer*
Tweetcaster Meet Edgar
Asana Hootsuite*
Trello* BoardBooster*
Bulk Buffer
Post Planner
WordPress Editorial Calendar*
Later (formerly Latergramme)*
Keyword / Analytics Visual Content
Google Keyword Planner*
Buzzsumo* Piktochart
Klout Visually
SharedCount Canva*
Google URL Builder Compfight
Rival IQ BeFunky
Cyfe LICEcap
Social Clout Adobe Post
Nuvi Apture
Tagboard Flickr (Creative Commons)*
Google Analytics for WordPress* Shutterstock
Quora* Skitch
Studio for Instagram Image Design
Social media monitoring Social media content
MailSocial Feedly
Mention Pocket
Brand24  Swayy
Nuzzel Pie
Swix Bottlenose
Authority Labs Sproutsocial
Google Alerts Viralheat
Radian6 Onalytica
Exact Target Quill Engage
Social sharing  Twitter engagement
Digg Digg* Follower Wonk
Flare Social Rank
Ivy Manage Flitter
Pin it button for images Must Be Present
SumoMe* Tweriod
Shareaholic* Tweepi
ssssss Tweet4Me
Disqus Twtrland
ChatCatcher NeedTagger
Twitter Feed
Objective Marketer
Social Mention
Networking Content Creation Evernote* for CTAs TubeMogul
Overvideo SlideShare
Zoho SalesIQ for Customer Chats Screencast-O-Matic*
Chase’s Calendar of Events Haiku Deck for presentations
Facebook Lite Anews
Topsy Notifier
Sexy Bookmarks Plug-in Pablo
What Would Seth Godin Do (WWSGD)
All in One SEO Pack
Circloscope for Google+ circles
Broadcasting Emails / Email Lists
Periscope* LeadPages
Snapchat* Infusionsoft
YouTube (Videos, Live Streaming)* Mailchimp*
Facebook Live ConvertKit
Instagram video (now 60 seconds!)
Webinar Jam
GoToWebinar / GoToMeeting
Google Hangouts
Bitly* Crate
FiveHundredPlus Blab
Rapportive Twitter ads for targeted reach
Rev Yik Yak
Pinterest board cover creator Pocket for organized content consumption
Jelly Markr 
Google+ Page Audit RefreshBox
Powtoon Zenbe
Cardmunch Print n Share
IFTTT Kingsumo Headlines
Zapier Babbly
SecureMySocial Socedo
AgoraPulse Openr
Inkybee Person App

Out of 151 tools listed above, I’ve only used around 10+ or so for our small creative business. In our next post, I’ll be going deeper to the tools we use to boost our small business traffic, curate content, so on.

Final Thoughts

There might be tons of social media tools available for users. In fact, there are hundreds of applications updated and created every day. That fact alone makes you feel either overwhelm or excited to try any of these apps. Yet, what lies the most importance is what works for you and your business.

For us, there are only 10+ we truly adore in terms of usage, results based from the engagements and functionality. We’re actually sharing how we do the process to increase our social media engagement through the tools we’re using in our epic, killer, badass FREE course to launch to morrow May 24. Do you want to join? If so, click here. 

How about you? Do you have something more to add in our list? Let us know by leaving your comments below and we’ll keep this list updated for you. 

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