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The First Try Making Handmade Wood Pen For My Wife-to-be

In my last post, I was talking about how I created my sister’s handmade acrylic pen as a birthday gift. I also showed you how it looked like. It really appears really nice when the purple and black colors were mixed together in resin mixture. The texture was also stunning. When I gave the pen to her, she really liked it much. I was really pleased. That was in 2012. For 2016, my next project will be making my handmade wood pen for my wife-to-be, Mecyll.

I honestly feel a bit guilty about this since this has been my pending project since the last two years. That’s when I asked her if I could give a handmade wood pen as my gift. Well, she was really considerate — and I love her for that — and allowed me to have more time creating my special gift.

I have my first try last year. However, it turned bad. I wasn’t really confident giving that crap to her. It was really bad. But I like it for my personal use, not for a gift. I decided to make another one this year. That will be my next project. Check that out, too!

The first try on making handmade wood pen for my wife-to-be was my unforgettable experience. It was my first handmade pen made after 4 years of not doing it. My first try wasn't successful although she already liked it but I wanted to make her another one. Let's see what I can do to make her happy. Read the entire post or re-pin this image for later. #handmade #wood #woodwork #handmade pen #craft

In my previous post, I described the mistakes I have in this pen making me feel a bit disappointed. In fact, I was too excited making my handmade wood pen perfect for her, unfortunately, I failed. Well, that was my first try after so long time not doing any pen. That’s considerable.

If you’re curious how to make this handmade wood pen, you can click the video below to see how easy it is to create such pen for your family and friends. The material used in the video is a Cocobolo wood which is a hard wood. For my wife-to-be, I will be using another type of wood. But the process will be the same as the video.

This year, too, I will be displaying these types of handmade wood pens in our shop. We will be announcing it here when we exactly plan to open it online so you could see our displays.

Just stay tuned!

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