The Great Blogging Hoax: Think Twice Before Building Blog

So, you want to start to blog?

I bet you heard you can earn income from your friends or perhaps landed in a stunning blog saying, “You can quit your job and start earning at home through blogging,” didn’t you?

It sounded simple. Decide a blog name. Start a blog. Earn. Right?


This is the blogging hoax comes in.

But, heck, hell, no! Blogging may sound fancy, but it is hell. Probably, you should start reading Robert Frost’s “Road Not Taken,” so you will have an idea what I am talking about. If you are familiar with his poem, you will know his point.

Yes, that is the exact situation in blogging. You will face two roads, but you cannot travel both. Unless, you exert extra effort to make the other road possible.

If you are working full-time in a freelance job like me, you certainly can apprehend the condition. It is not easy. But then again, if you exert extra effort, you can gain something from it.

Yet, let me tell you the reality about it first to give you some enlightenment.

Does this sound cool to you? If not, leave.

Anyway, let me share with you a story about a cool woman from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. She is Eleanor Douglas-Meyers from Just Ella Bella blog. She blogs about anything she loves. But most of the time, she writes about parenting, DIY, food, and fun.

Basically, she covers almost everything that “sparks” her eyes. But, she is actually a journalist and an active writer in a local newspaper, Tums2Tots, and  My Herald Life, which focuses on kids and parenting. Before we delve to her story, let me thank my friend Melissa Javan from Mel’s Postbox  for this project.


Planning to build a blog for your creative business? Learn the great blogging hoax first, before building your awesome, crazy dreams.


Hoax #1: Blogging goals necessarily follow your expectations.

This is true. Let’s say, you established your blog to document your life and to review the brands you love. You are a lifestyle blogger, for example. When you bought a domain and hosting package, you assumed your blog gains an immediate popularity, given that you share posts on social media almost every day.

You did that for months. But nothing happened. You became frustrated, because you did not receive a direct ROI (Return Of Investment) within 30 days.

Unfortunately, you felt devastated and eventually quit blogging.

A sad story, right?

Take note, the moment you bought your domain and hosting package, you should not have a huge expectations in your crazily creative head. Just think blogging as fun without expectations. YET. I am not saying YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE EXPECTATIONS, hello? Just wait. Be patient.


Hoax #2: Blogging ROI comes in within 30 days.

Actually, the scenario above was the exact situation when I tried my best-est-est-est-est-est-est best to run Bitchy Chicken before I got a full-time job while my fiance works full-time as well. As a content manager and a crazy daydreamer, I wanted to drive more traffic for the site.

So, I hovered to different content marketing sites, published posts on our social media links EVERY DAY. I sent emails in our email service provider (MailChimp) every now and then. This became my routine. I expected high with a hundred percent to receive ROI in a month or two.

Apparently, the reality is it really does not follow that way. Building a brand like a blog regardless if it is business or personal, it takes at least six months to build a reputation or years. Other blogs offer tips or hacks to increase visibility in 30 days, which is possible.

But,I tell you, it requires a 2-month consistent 200 percent Super Saiyan or Herculean power to make that possible. Well, it’s up to you if want to prove it yourself.


Hoax #3: Blogging requires some effort to see ROI while working full-time.

Hell, no! Imagine an American Ninja Warrior training here. That’s it! Period.

Now that both of us, I and my fiance, were both pre-occupied with our respective jobs as a freelancer, we do not have spare time to tweak the site. But this is running. I tell you.

Do you notice other blogs left not updated or published one blog post per week?

If you do,  they tell you, they publish one lengthy 3,000-word blog post saying they prefer writing an epic post once a week because it is better than publishing crappy post three times a week, right?

This is the truth.

Every blogger struggles with this, but they don’t tell this in their blogs all the time. Running a blog and trying to earn an income from it apparently require Super Saiyan or Herculean power to achieve it.


Yum yum and healthy nogal…well sorta #eat

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Hoax #4: Blogging requires niche to start.

Elaine has the same story. My friend Melissa Javan from Mel’s Postbox interviewed her about her interesting story.

She started blogging about DIY. She wrote a blog post about it without any expectations it will gain much traffic from it. In fact, she sold DIY gifts and accessories in her shop. Eventually, she did not really focus writing about the niche and wrote a product review,too.

Keep this in mind. I am a hundred percent sure you will suffer creative paralysis if you keep thinking a specific niche to start a blog. See popular blogs out there i.e. BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, so on. Did they focus one niche? No.

They cover politics, entertainment, lifestyle, food, so on. Name it. In our blog, we cover small business, DIY, stress-relief hacks, journaling, etc.

The important part is these niches are interrelated to your brand. Since Bitchy Chicken is an online shop and we planned to sell our handmade stuff here, we blog about things related to it.


Final Thoughts

Blogging is easy to establish and to grow a brand through it. But, do NOT expect ROI as soon as a blink of an eye. As I have pointed out before, it requires a Herculean effort to build a business from it, especially if you are also working full-time.

In addition to that, this helps to grow your business. Yes, it does. If you want to build reputation through it, it is possible. But it takes time to obtain that. It is not an overnight process.

Blog, specifically for business purposes, aids your online shop to establish respect and credibility of your work. In the eyes of your customers and future clients, it is like “Oh, she does not merely show it [product] on XXX platform, she blogs about it, too!”

Customers prefer shops with blogs during their purchasing decisions, especially those blogs that practice consistency with their niches. It might take an effort, but it guarantees success.


Take Robert Frost’s words in my favorite poem of his,

I shall be telling this with a sign

Somewhere ages and ages hence;

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – 

I took the one less traveled by, 

And that has made all the difference. 


You will feel the same when you start to blog and conquer the agonizing challenges in your business venture. Keep in mind that not everyone takes risks like you are planning now.

Are you ready? For now, do NOT think twice. 😎


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