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Who Else Wants To Reach More Than 1K Blog Traffic In 30 Days?

Exhilarating, right?

If you’re a new creative blogger, this is tough. Reaching 1K views within a month is already a huge struggle. Getting more than 1K blog traffic in 30 days is a big, tough challenge. The question is: CAN YOU DO IT?

You are doubting I could explain this right for you and probably, you have heard about this a lot of times. At the back of your mind, “Ugh, another too-good-to-be-true blog traffic post again. Another ineffective, overrated pieces of advice over and over. SO. BORING!”

I understand. No matter what you say, I’m confident telling you these strategies are the exact ones I did and boomed our new blog. In fact, we’re just almost three months old (2 months and 30 days to be exact).

Reaching more than 1K blog traffic in 30 days seems impossible for a fresh blog. But that'd be possible through the compiled strategies we exactly did in our blog. Learn how we did it through reading this post and download your FREE 5-page comprehensive checklist. #blogging #blog #traffic #GoogleAnalytics

Achieving more than 1K blog traffic in 30 days is possible!

When I started this blog, Bitchy Chicken: A Creative Hub last February 16, it has earned around 1,200+ blog traffic within 2 weeks. It was overwhelming for me. I wasn’t expecting that. It was a proof that that goal is possible for a new blogger. From 1K, you can reach as high 3K within less then 3 months like we did.

“Oh my, Mecyll! How did you do that?” You’re so amazed. I know. You want to have the same experience with your creative blog, too. You want to have an amazing experience like I did. In fact, the original plan we have (with my fiance) at that time was to reach 1K in 2 to 3 months!

That was completely, amazingly overwhelming! That’s what this post is all about. I’ll be teaching you how to reach your first 1K blog views within 30 days. If you’re powerfully consistent, you can beat the set number or you can go higher than we have achieved! Go for 3K if you want!  😈

First, to help you out with that struggle, I advise you to download your FREE 5-page comprehensive checklist (which I love to give to my audience) before we delve deeper about the entire blog traffic traction process.

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Our Mind-Blowing 1K Blog Traffic In 30 Days!

Below is our actual blog traffic screenshot from Google Analytics from February 16 to March 16, 2016. Within 30 days, we reached 1,401 views, 358 sessions, 50.84% bounce rate. Another plus for the site is we have around 8 minutes average session.

That means, visitors new (38.8%) and returning (as high as 61.2%) spend 8 minutes reading, checking, browsing contents in the site. Take note: We’re a new site. There’s nothing much interesting yet as we still have lesser number of articles written at that time.  🙂

This is our Google Analytics screenshot data which shows how we reached more than 1K views in 30 days. In fact, our goal at that time, was 2 to 3 months. Learn how we reach these numbers by reading this post. #blogtraffic #traffic #blogging

How should you interpret the data as a new creative blogger?

You observed we have achieved 1,401 page views which constitute the site traffic. For a new 1-month old blog, it’s so much for an achievement. Usually, new blogs achieve around 600 to 800 views.

Next thing you see is the bounce rate. As a new blogger, you should monitor this all the time. For a blog, there should be less than 80% bounce rate yet above 20%. If your bounce rate is higher than the maximum, you should review your blog content because that means they aren’t YET interesting for your readers. Something’s missing.

If it’s below 20%, on the other hand, there is something wrong with your analytics. Check if there’s error. Read Google Analytics Help’s answer to that.

In our blog, we have 50% which is really amazing. That means, the content are satisfying the readers though we’re a new site. To support the data, the returning visitors are higher than the new which can be defined as there are more readers who keep returning to our site either for reference or they like to read something from the site again. From that fact alone, it’s already gratifying. (Wooo, the hard work for each post is repaid!  😆 )

After checking the bounce rate, see the average sessions of your visitors. That defines how long they usually stay in your site. We have an average duration of 8 minutes [of reading, browsing, clicking around the site for other information we provide]. This data is supported by unique visitors and individual referral traffic, too.

To discuss more about understanding Google Analytics, see the following posts for your reference:

How Can You Achieve Your First 1K Blog Traffic?

I have compiled strategies PLUS the exact ones I did to reach more than 1K blog traffic in 30 days. These strategies are divided into steps you can try to your own site to see great results once they’re applied.

1. To tract more readers, you need to prepare your high-quality content related to your niche.

This will allow your first set of readers to know what they could expect from your site. When we launched Bitchy blog last February, I prepared at least 3 blog posts ready for sharing. We started our site with the following posts:

2. Prepare your social media platforms and search engine (I’m referring to Pinterest).

To maximize your reach as a new and small creative blog, you need to prepare your social media assets i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (groups), and Google+. Aside from your social media platforms, you need to setup Pinterest, which is my FAVE go-to-hub like the thousands of creative business owners.

Read this post to learn how you can tract more audience using Pinterest that lead this blog it’s super optimized traffic. How I Increased My Blog Traffic Through Pinterest To 129.67% in 7 Days!

3. Search for influential bloggers you can follow and if they have exclusive or closed group, that’d be a big plus!

Why do you need to do this? Keep in mind you can’t consume all time on content creation alone. You need to get attention from your prospect readers in groups with thousands of members. 20% of your time should be spent for creating blog posts and the remaining 80% should be on promotion.

Your promotion includes sharing your post link to groups in Facebook, LinkedIn, or in forums. I did exactly this strategy to increase exposure of my posts. I also included in my previous post on using Pinterest which stated my following to expert bloggers with group boards. I joined them and voila! More exposure.

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4. Create killer blog posts.

This is an overrated advice. I know and I don’t care. I’ll repeat this to you over and over again! To create killer blog posts, you need to improve your content creation techniques with killer headlines. Bryan Clark from Copyblogger said that it is from your content where higher traffic comes from.

Improving your content creation entails a lot of work and adjustment but if you mastered it, it won’t be that uncomfy later on. For this blog post, I consumed 7 hours to finish. 😎

When you do the same, you’ll observe more shares and traction from your audience. Why? Because they feel like you give so much importance on their learning than your comfort zone (giving them crappy posts). Take note: GOOGLE WILL HATE YOU.

To make that possible, improve the following areas you need to check when you create content:

a. Always start with a strong emotion to stir the concerns of your audience.

Observe how I started this post. Don’t start with how you feel but how YOUR audience feels about your headline and your entire post.

b. Allow 2-4 paragraphs for your audience’s issues, problems, not yours.

Keep in mind you’re trying to hook your audience. It’s too fresh to insert your personal experience. Personal experiences can be added after 3rd or 4th paragraph to justify your thoughts and support your presented ideas to your audience.

c. Add reference links.

Google likes it if you don’t try to show yourself as an “I-know-everything”with arrogance in front of your readers. What I mean is, if you don’t know about something, you can add more reference to your posts by linking them rather than posts solely based from your personal experiences resulting to less referral links.

You should add at least 3 reference links in your blog posts. The more the better but make sure, they are apt to your discussion.

d. Add final thoughts at the end of your posts.

This will provide recap or summary of your 1,200+ word post. If you want to add CTAs (call to action) this is the best part.

e. Make sure your blog post word count reaches 300 to 3,000 words (this is a killer one!)

In every blog post, I usually have 1,500 to 2,500 words. At times, I reach 3,000. The longer your blog post is the more referral links, the more list (if it’s a list post), the more chances to go deeper in a topic, which I find essential especially this blog is intended for new small creative business owners who are new to blogging.

f. Add content upgrades.

Content upgrades are clickable images directing readers to your FREEBIES in exchange to their email addresses for your newsletter. These are what we call CTA (call to action) for our readers. In every epic post, I add these images like the samples below.

Example 1:

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Example 2:

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g. Add images, CTAs in between your blog posts.

If your post reaches 801 words, make sure to insert appropriate images in every 75-100 words to retain their attention. These images can be:

  • Pin image for your Pinterest board (first 100 words of your post)
  • Infographic (there are tons of them in Pinterest)
  • Related license-free images from Unsplash, Gratisography, Pixabay, and Flickr (Creative Commons)
  • Click to tweet (WordPress plugin to allow readers to share lines through Twitter)
  • Opt-ins for your content upgrades (images for your freebies)
How to write killer headlines for blog titles infographic
Credits to Digital Information World via Pinterest (Chris Shima)

h. Start and end your blog post with a bang!

This means you need to give an exhilarating intro and ending for each blog post. Don’t be plain. Give a surprising intro through stirring their fears, happiness, worries, anxiety, joy, etc. and end your post with a great realization like “All what I listed in this blog post will not be effective if you aren’t committed enough to stick with them.”

It’s a strong statement challenging your readers you’re wrong. At the back of their minds, they say, “Hey, come on! I can do it!”

Read the following posts to give you an idea what I’m talking about:

More, more, more tips!

  • Once your social media platforms setup, look for social media scheduler you can use. I use Hootsuite right now. I’ve used Buffer, MeetEdgar, CoScheduler, and Tailwind (Pinterest) before. Examine your peak times of your posts.
  • Study your analytics. Go to Google Analytics, log in to your account, go to Acquisition >> Traffic sources >> Sources >> Referrals. Check where your traffic sources are. If you found out Facebook and Pinterest are the top two referrals for your site, load your posts in these platforms. Read this post to explain more how we got more referrals from Pinterest.
  • Install Yoast Plugin for SEO. Make sure you master SEO to help Google see your post when your audience research something. If you’re a small creative business owner, make sure you have a visible signage so people will know there’s a store nearby and will notice you and your new shop. It’s the same with your blog posts. Make them visible to Google.

Final Thoughts

There are varied ways you can try to optimize your blog posts and reach 1K blog traffic in 30 days. What I’ve explained above are the ones effective to the site. Remember your traffic source may vary depending on your location, so there might be differences with our results from yours.

Shocking? It is. I’ve been real to you here, pal. It’s up on how you create the mystery feeling to your readers that compels them to click your posts.

Aside from that, make your readers feel they’re important by toning down your technical words as you explain something in your post. Don’t assume they understood you well. Always keep in mind you’re writing for beginners. Of course, if they already know about it, they won’t bother. But you’re writing to help others. For sure, your targeting the beginners.

Have I made myself clear to you? If yes, go back to work.

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