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Why I quit my business and worked for a freelance job

Why I quit my business and worked for a freelance job?

This sounds odd for a business person like I am. But this is the reality for most of the entrepreneurs. But they just don’t tell you. There are certain things businessmen don’t tell to avoid issues. However, what I’m telling you in this post are the harsh realities every entrepreneur faces. At the same time, I’m also sharing valuable lessons and points you need to remember. 


Before engaging to your awesome business plan, read this post first and learn why I quit my business and worked for a freelance job temporarily to give you valuable insights to the harsh realities every businessman knows.


What does it take to be an entrepreneur?

I have listed here realities every business person faces without telling you. Take note of them and keep them in mind. After reading them, ask yourself if you can REALLY make it or not. If not, don’t engage in small business like I did. Otherwise, delve with these points and show while preparing to start. As an aid, keep a journal with you and jot bullet points answering the same question posted. 


1. Endless stress. The only thing you see is how we seem above the surface. But, underneath are the anxiety, doubt, fear and stress that burden us all day long. We’re anxious whether we could get more clients the next day or not. We’re struggling to get more customers to buy our products. 

Let’s say, you gained loyalists and a number of returning customers. But how about the number of bulk orders, keeping invoices, entertaining customers, payrolls for employees, so on. These are recurring responsibilities an entrepreneur needs to attend.


2. Endless uncertainties. It doesn’t specify what business we belong. From digital businesses to the physical shops, these problems are cliches regardless of what group or niche we are in. Yet, we join forces with only one thing. We opt quitting our business and work for someone else for a more stable income.

Up to this point, you’re facing an endless wonder whether you earn this amount this week or month. Every single day you’re battling the odds to keep up the quota (income per week, month, sales per week, day, month) you set beforehand. 


Why I quit my job content image stress
This is how I look when I handled my business. LITERALLY!


3. Endless sacrifices. Sacrifices are high. But it’s a must. For example, sacrificing social life is JUST part of them. You can’t go out with friends anytime because you slated this webinar for your online course launching. You can’t simply rest at that time because you need to review your sales per day or order materials, so on.

If you own a real shop, you can’t have lunch date with your high school batch mates because you have a business to manage. These are some of the struggles of every businessman. But then again, they don’t tell you that.


4. Endless work (especially if you are beginner in the field). These are some of the harsh realities we usually face. When I was a full-time entrepreneur, I made handmade journals almost 24/7 given the demands from customers and the bulk of orders I need to make. I was the only one who manage everything at that time.

Although my sister helped me folding stacks of journal pages, I wasn’t able to survive it. It was too stressful for me to handle. Yeah, I fell in love with making handmade journals and diaries but with the stress level, I surrendered. Obviously, the outcome was I left my business and told myself, “I’ll resume after taking a break.” 


5. Endless insanity. That break took months. At that point, I didn’t have income. It was insane. However, I was able to realize that in business, it’s too risky and entails lots of sacrifices, which challenges your sanity. Seriously. At the end of the day, it’s up for you to withstand it or not.


Final Thoughts

What I’ve listed above were some of the most important thoughts you need to think about when starting a business. Always remember that starting a new business venture isn’t an easy journey. You need extra effort, stress, burden, and doubt. SWEAR!

Nevertheless, the passion lies the most importance. If you choose to join our league and make a name of your own through selling something, you are free to do it. Wait for our next post about this point.   😎  Anyway, bear in mind the consistency and strategic thinking it needs to succeed in this arena. 


Do you have other thoughts to add from what I’ve listed? If yes, feel free to comment and will update this post time by time. That is if there are more points to include in the list. Please share this post to your friends and family as well. Click the social media icons on the sidebar. I’ll appreciate it, pals! God bless you!    😉 

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