Why Taking Online Journaling Courses Can Make You A Moron

I just bought a new journal. It’s my first time.

I really don’t know how to journal. I should search for online journaling courses and pay $100 taking them. 

Does this sound familiar to you? Is this you? If this sounds true to you, you’re really dumb. Obviously, you don’t have to take online journaling courses to start.

Wait, do online journaling courses exist? Yes, they do. If you type “journaling courses” in Google search, there are 481,000 results to display.

Online Journaling courses proof they exist

That means, there are many of you are taking them as proof why they exist on the web. I really wonder why you need to take courses like these though journaling is simply writing everything your heart desires. It’s like you don’t know how to eat a cake and they’re going to teach you modules how to eat a cake for a hundred bucks.

It sounds silly, isn’t it? But it is like that. They also appear in eBooks. If you don’t want to enroll to any of their courses, this will be your next option. If you try to visit Amazon and type “journaling” on the search area, you will see loads of “Journaling” guides listed for around $10 to $15.

Online Journaling courses proof they exist in Amazon

When I searched them myself and read some of them, I was surprised these are sold to many of you. I tried buying an eBook of this kind and read its contents. As I was scanning the pages, duh, they were like telling me their history why they love journaling and what to do when you start doing it yourself.

I tell you straight.

This is what they will tell you — I’m referring to both online journaling courses and eBooks — READ MY JOURNALING STORY AND PAY FOR IT BECAUSE MY STORY IS GREAT. YOU SHOULD DO THE SAME. YOUR JOURNALING SUCKS. MINE IS GREAT. YOU SHOULD COPY, DUDE!

This is kinda stupid but the content appears like that all the time.

Let’s take Journal Your Life by Susannah Conway for example. Her course is on top of Google’s list, so let’s check it out.

If you click the link, it will take you to her site. The photo below shows the first thing you’ll see in her site. Isn’t it beautiful? The entire page is really nice and clean. I like the minimalist feel of the site but that’s not what I’m trying to say here.

Journal your life online journaling courses example

Hep-hep-hep, that’s not the point here. Let’s drive through her journaling course content. When you scroll down, you’ll see this.

Journal your life online journaling courses example 1

When you scroll down further, you’ll see what you’re paying for. For the entire six weeks, you will have in-depth lessons on how to write your own journal and you’re paying to see her own journals. At least, you have something to imitate — err, to follow.

Journal your life online journaling courses content

If you browse her week-by-week modules, this is what you’re expecting. Below is the total price for the entire 6-modules. The entire modules cost you 117 UK pound which is equivalent to $167. Her promise of a gorgeous 123-page eBook can be worth the price. Maybe. 

Journal your life online journaling courses pricing

Online journaling courses are just trying to manipulate you! If you’re convinced, you’re obviously a moron!

Online sellers will do a lot of marketing strategies to attract potential customers like you. After series of convincing, you enroll to courses like these.

Others are selling courses that are relevant to blogosphere needs i.e. blogging for beginners, webinars or podcasting, so on. Melyssa Griffin from The Nectar Collective offer a lot of blogging courses which her audience need. Entrepreneurship on Fire’s John Lee Dumas  do the same for his podcasting and Freedom Journal.  Those are great for blogosphere enthusiasts.

Courses like these are essential for online presence. Blogging, podcasting, webinar hosting are all difficult areas in the web (based from personal experiences) if no one’s really guiding you just like these two successful people. However, I don’t really find the sense why there are people who would enroll to courses like journaling.

It’s basically writing your own memory, your OWN life. It’s up to you how you would like other people know about you whenever they have a chance to read them after long years.

Michael McEnnis, Chris O’Donnell’s great-great grandfather did the same in 1849. He used his powerful writing style without being dictated on what is best writing and not. He wrote what he saw, he felt, he discovered through his recollections about Cholera epidemic that time.

When Michael’s great-great grandson, Chris read his works, he was amazed. That’s how journaling can do for you future generations without realizing it now.

Why taking online journaling courses can make you a moron? I really don't understand why other people enroll to expensive journaling courses well in fact they are just ordinary writing. Journaling is expression of what stressing your mind in the moment or goals you like to achieve. It can be for monitoring purposes like dieting or depressive episodes. I appreciate journaling course more if there's a main goal or point I could expect aside from the usual mental detox it does to my system. Learn more about it through reading this post or re-pin and save for later. #journaling #journals #journalwriting #journalprompts #courses

No one can dictate your journal writing style, yo!

Everyone of us have different styles or schedules of journal writing. I do write around thrice a week depending on my schedule. I do them on the morning in a prayer form. I just write everything in paragraphs. Sometimes, I divide it with points, bullets, drawings, and doodles. Those depend on my mood.

You have a different style on writing your journal pages. You exactly know how to start. What actually prevents you from writing or confuses you from starting your first letter on the page is OVERTHINKING. This is what you’re paying them. To stop you for overthinking and just do.

Just don’t overthink. Just write.

My key advice for you, pal on journaling is you have to take it personal. Express yourself the same way you think about everything.

  • You don’t have to disguise as somebody else to make a nice or perfect journal entries. There is no such thing as perfectly nice journals. Yet, there are perfectly imperfect ones. These may be under-appreciated by many, but the value you put on each page matter.
  • Every stroke of your pen means every word your mind and heart say. Let other people know who you really are by letting them discover your personality in your writing.
  • You don’t need to enroll courses available on the web. Research on ideas what is possible for journaling. Then, start doing it. That’s all. You don’t have to spend almost $200 for a simple course.

Final Thoughts

You just bought a new journal and maybe a new pen from a nearby craft store. You have a spare $200 from your pocket. You have the choice to enroll to any of their journaling courses because you just don’t know where to start or simply express yourself like Anne Frank did.

It’s your choice anyway. Not mine. It’s your money. It’s your life. It’s your journaling journey. But if you choose to have a close supervision from the so-called experts on writing your own life, that will make you look dumb.

Seriously, I mean it.


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